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English MeaningAllah
Urdu Meaningاَاللہُ
BenefitsThe person who recites the above name one hundred times before the Jumma prayer will observe all the things very easily in life.

In Islamic tradition, an ensemble of attributes and phrases are used to define many of the qualities and features of God and are known as the “99 Names of Allah,” additionally referred to as the Asma-ul-Husna or the Divine Names of Allah.

The core of Allah’s nature is expressed in these names, which include attributes like mercy, wisdom, might, and kindness. In Islam, reciting and thinking about these holy names is a typical spiritual exercise that helps believers comprehend Allah’s many facets and develop a closer relationship with the Almighty.

Every name has deep significance and meaning, which adds to Islam’s all-encompassing conception of the One “Almighty”.

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99 Names of Allah with Meaning and Benefits

English MeaningThe Beneficent
Urdu Meaningانتہائی مہربان
BenefitsThe person who recites the above name one hundred times after every farz Namaz (prayer) will possess a fine memory and will remain lighthearted.
English MeaningThe Merciful    
Urdu Meaningبہت رحم کرنےوالا
BenefitsAfter every Fajr (early morning) prayer, the person who repeats this name 100 times will find that everyone is friendly to him and that he is secure from all misfortunes in this life.
English MeaningThe Owner and king of supremacy
Urdu Meaningحاکم کا ئنات
BenefitsHe who, following the morning prayer, calls out this name several times each day. will prosper with Allah’s generosity.
English MeaningThe Utterly pure
Urdu Meaningپاک
BenefitsPeople who recite this word 100 times a day will have anxiety-free hearts.
English MeaningThe provider of peace
Urdu Meaningامن و سلامتی کا سر چشمہ
BenefitsReciting this name aloud to an ill person 160 times will aid in their recovery. The person who often says this name will be protected from all misfortunes.
English MeaningThe one who provides security and emaan  
Urdu Meaningآفات و و عذاب سے امن وامان رکھنے والا
BenefitsThe person who says this title 631 times will be protected.
English MeaningThe defender, custodian and the supervisor 
Urdu Meaningحفاظت کرنے والا
BenefitsGod will purify the state of the person who takes a bath, performs two rak’ats of prayer, and sincerely concentrates on repeating this Name 100 times.
English MeaningThe mighty of all
Urdu Meaningعظیم و بلند
BenefitsAfter every Fazar prayer, the person who recites this Name forty-one times will become self-sufficient and rise to honor after humiliation.
English MeaningThe restorer and the compeller
Urdu Meaningز بر دست غلبہ رکھنے والا
BenefitsReciting this Name will spare the person from suffering from violence, harshness, or hardness, nor will it force them to act against their will.
English MeaningThe Lord of majesty and supremacy
Urdu Meaningبڑی شان والا
BenefitsHonor and position will come to a person who uses this Name a lot. By Allah’s grace, He will succeed if He begins each act with a repeated recitation of this Name.
English MeaningThe Creator or maker
Urdu Meaningپیدا کر نے والا
BenefitsIf a person recites this Name 100 times continuously for seven days, Allah will make an angel whose mission is to act morally on their behalf until the Day of Judgment. That person is going to receive the reward for the actions of the angel.
English MeaningThe Inventor or Pioneer
Urdu Meaningہر چیز کو عدم سے وجود میں لانے والا
BenefitsA person who repeats this name 100 times for seven days after the Maghrib prayer will be blessed by male children.
English MeaningAn Architect or designer
Urdu Meaningصورت بنانے والا
BenefitsA woman who wishes to become pregnant but is unable to do so, if she fasts for seven days, repeats the above three Names twenty-one times during the daily iftar, breathes into a glass of water, and breaks the fast with that water will be blessed by Allah.
English MeaningThe Forgiver of all
Urdu Meaningبخشنے والا
BenefitsAnybody who says this Name aloud will have their sins forgiven.
English MeaningThe Ever Dominating
Urdu Meaningسب پر اختیار رکھنے والا
BenefitsReciting this Name will help the soul of the person overcome their fleshly desires, set their heart free from the world’s attractiveness, and bring them inner peace. Additionally, this Name absolves one from injustice.
English MeaningThe giver of Awards
Urdu Meaningبہت عطا کرنے والا
BenefitsA man who is experiencing hunger and poverty should recite this Name often, carry a written copy of it with him, or repeat it 40 times during the final Sajda of the Chasht prayer. Allah will provide him with miraculous relief from these hardships.
English MeaningThe Supplier
Urdu Meaningرزق دینےوالا
BenefitsGod will give survival to him who repeats this Name.
English MeaningThe Judge
Urdu Meaningمشکلات کوحل کرنے والا
BenefitsWhoever continues this Name will have an open heart and achieve success.
English MeaningThe Infinite Lord
Urdu Meaningسب کچھ جاننے والا
BenefitsReciting this Name will cause a person’s heart to glow and reveal the eternal light.
English MeaningThe restrainer
Urdu Meaningہر شے پر قبضہ رکھنے والا
BenefitsFor forty days, the person who eats four pieces of food (fruit, bread, etc.) while writing this Name will be free from hunger.
English MeaningThe Enlarger
Urdu Meaningپھیلانے والا
BenefitsAfter the Chasht prayer, the person who continues this Name ten times while holding both hands up and rubbing them across his face will no longer require assistance from others.
English MeaningThe Diminisher
Urdu Meaningپست کرنے والا
BenefitsIf someone observes a three-day fast and then readily recites this Name 70 times on the fourth day, Allah will protect them from harm caused by their opponents. Whoever says this Name 500 times a day will have all their needs met by Allah.
English MeaningThe Elevator and the Exalter
Urdu Meaningبلند کرنے والا
BenefitsIn terms of honor, wealth, and merit, Allah will elevate the person who recites this Name 101 times every day and night.
English MeaningThe Giver, The Honourer
Urdu Meaningعزت دینے والا
BenefitsAfter the Maghrib prayer on Monday or Friday night, whoever repeats this name 140 times will be regarded by others as dignified by Allah.
English MeaningThe Humiliator, the Dishonorer
Urdu Meaningذلت سینےوالا
BenefitsIf a person says this Name seventy-five times, he will be protected from those who are envious of him and want to hurt him. Allah will watch out for him.
English MeaningThe infinitely aware or The Hearer
Urdu Meaningسننے والا
BenefitsFollowing the Thursday Chasht prayer, Allah will grant anyone who continues this Name 500, 100, or 50 times in silence everything they wish.
English MeaningThe viewer of all 
Urdu Meaningسب کو دیکھنےوالا
BenefitsAfter Friday afternoon prayer, the person who repeats these names 100 times will receive light in his vision and enlightenment in his heart from Allah.
English MeaningThe provider of Justice
Urdu Meaningحکمت والا
BenefitsSeveral mysteries will be displayed to the person who repeats this Name several times at night.
English MeaningThe Absolute Just
Urdu Meaningانصاف کرنے والا
BenefitsOthers will obey you if you carve this Title on an item of bread and eat it on Friday night or day.
English Meaning The Most Mildred, The Hidden One
Urdu Meaningبڑا لطیف
BenefitsReciting this Name 133 times a day will boost one’s energy and ensure that all of their affairs are resolved to their fulfillment.
English MeaningThe Known, the Self-Aware
Urdu Meaningہرخبر رکھنے  والا
BenefitsIf a person recites this Name regularly, she will be freed from her corrupt behaviors and selfish wants.
English MeaningThe Most Patient
Urdu Meaningصبر والا
BenefitsThe person who writes this name on a piece of paper, rinses it with water, and then sprinkles it on anything will make it safe from harm and disasters.
English MeaningThe Magnanimous, The Almighty
Urdu Meaningعظیم
BenefitsPeople who repeatedly recite this Name will be held in high regard.
English MeaningThe Gracious, The Exceptionally Gracious
Urdu Meaningبخشنے والا
BenefitsWhen someone repeats this Name while suffering from a headache, fever, or depression, they will be cured of their illness and receive forgiveness from Allah.
English MeaningThe Most Grateful 
Urdu Meaningشکر گزار
BenefitsIf this Name is repeated forty-one times a day, then the person who suffers from monitory troubles or any other misfortune and suffering will be freed.
English MeaningThe Most Elevated, and The Most Excellent
Urdu Meaningسب سے بلند
BenefitsHigh rank, wealth, and success in achieving his desires will be attained by the man who keeps this Name close to him after writing it down.
English MeaningThe Most Magnificent, and the Finest
Urdu Meaningبہت بڑا
BenefitsRespect shall belong to him who says this Name 100 times a day
English MeaningThe All-Heedful, All-Protecting, Preserver
Urdu Meaningحفاظت کرنے والا
BenefitsThe person who carries this Name with them and continues it often will be shielded from disasters
English MeaningThe Main Provider
Urdu Meaningروزی فراہم کرنے والا
BenefitsThe child will behave well if someone gives them water that has been repeated into a glass and they drink it
English MeaningThe Calculator, The Enough
Urdu Meaningحساب لینے والا
BenefitsAnybody who encounters difficulties should repeatedly say this name.
English MeaningThe Magnificent
Urdu Meaningعظیم
BenefitsHonor and status will be attained by the person who writes this Name down on a piece of paper using saffron and musk, keeps it with them, and repeats it often.
English MeaningThe Most Charitable, The Most Respected
Urdu Meaningکرم کرنے والا
BenefitsHe who repeats this Name several times before going to bed will be respected among the wise and pious in this world (as well as the Hereafter).
English MeaningThe Vigilant
Urdu Meaningنگہبان
BenefitsAllah will protect the person who repeats this Name 7 times on themselves, their family, and their possessions.
English MeaningThe One Who Responds
Urdu Meaningدعائیں قبول کرنے والا
BenefitsWhoever continues this Title will have their appeal heard.
English MeaningThe Limitless, the All-Inclusive
Urdu Meaningبہت وسیع
BenefitsIf someone who struggles to make ends meet continues this Name a lot, they will make good money.
English MeaningThe All-Knowing and wise
Urdu Meaningحکمت والا
BenefitsThe one who recites this Name consistently (occasionally) will find no difficulty in his job, and the Almighty will open the path of wisdom for him.
English MeaningThe Deepest Adoration
Urdu Meaningمحبت والا
BenefitsThere won’t be a dispute if two people (a wife and her husband) are fighting and one of them says this Name a thousand times over food and makes the other person eat it۔This is a strategy in Islam that promises to win your wife’s undying love.
English MeaningThe Magnificent, The Most Noble
Urdu Meaningبزرگی والا
BenefitsFame belongs to him who continues this Name.
English MeaningThe Raiser of the Dead
Urdu Meaningقبروں سے مردوں کو اٹھانے والا
BenefitsThe fright of Allah is bestowed upon him who repeats this Name.
English MeaningThe Observing That Never Ends
Urdu Meaningگواہ
BenefitsWith his hand on their forehead, the person who has disrespectful kids or spouse and says this Name over them 21 times a day in the morning will become obedient.
English MeaningThe Unchangeable Reality
Urdu Meaningسچ
BenefitsReciting this Name while in possession of something will help one locate lost items.
English Meaning The Disposer of Matters, The Administrator
Urdu Meaningوکالت کرنے والا
BenefitsAllah will provide protection to the person who repeatedly says this Name out of fear of drowning, being burned in a fire, or facing any other similar threat.
English MeaningThe Unbreakable
Urdu Meaningبڑی طاقت رکھنےوالا
BenefitsHe who cannot overcome his opponent and utters this Title with the hope of remaining unharmed will be immune to the attacks of his enemies.
English MeaningThe Solid, The Unwavering
Urdu Meaningانتہائی مضبوط
BenefitsIf someone is having problems, they can solve them by repeating this Name.
English MeaningThe Defending Partner
Urdu Meaningدوست
BenefitsReciting this Name is probably a sign of a walyullah, or the Lord’s friend.
English MeaningThe Meritorious
Urdu Meaningحمد والا
BenefitsLove and praise will be showered upon him who utters this Name.
English MeaningThe Countless One, The Counter
Urdu Meaningحساب لینے والا
BenefitsOn the Day of Judgment, the person who fears interrogation and says this Name 100 times a day will experience peace and comfort.
English MeaningThe Creator, The Founder
Urdu Meaningآغاز کرنے والا
BenefitsAn expecting woman who is afraid to abort will be safe if this name is breathed and repeated towards her.
English MeaningThe Rebuilder, The Rehabilitator
Urdu Meaningدوبارہ پیدا کرنے والا
BenefitsSomeone who is separated from his family will come back safely in seven days if this name is said 70 times for them.
English MeaningThe One Who Grants Life
Urdu Meaningحیات دینے والا
BenefitsA person will have their burden lifted if they repeat this name seven times a day while carrying a heavy load.
English MeaningThe Destroyer and Creator of Death
Urdu Meaningموت دینے والا
BenefitsRepetition of this name destroys the enemy
English MeaningThe Eternally Living
Urdu Meaningہمیشہ زندہ رہنےوالا
BenefitsA long life awaits him who calls out this Name.
English MeaningThe One Who Maintains, The Self-Sustained
Urdu Meaningہمیشہ قائم و دائم رہنے والا
BenefitsReciting this Name will keep one from making mistakes
English MeaningThe Observer
Urdu Meaningہر شے کو پا لینے والا
BenefitsThe heart of the one who says the above name will be rich.
English MeaningThe Prominent and the Magnificent
Urdu Meaningجلال والا
BenefitsA person’s heart will become illuminated if they sincerely and privately repeat this Name.
English MeaningThe Individual
Urdu Meaningایک
BenefitsThe person who says this name a thousand times in isolation and a calm environment will be liberated from illusion and fear.
English MeaningThe One and Only
Urdu Meaningاکیلا
BenefitsCertain hidden identities will be revealed to the person who says this name a thousand times.
English MeaningThe Everlasting, Need-Satisfying
Urdu Meaningبے نیاز
BenefitsIf someone repeatedly says this name, Allah will supply their needs; as a result, they will rely on him instead of them.
English MeaningThe Strong and the Able
Urdu Meaningہر شے پر قدرت رکھنے والا
BenefitsAll of the wants of the one who continues this name will come true.
English MeaningThe Infinitely powerful
Urdu Meaningسب پر قادر
BenefitsThe truth will be known to him who calls out this name.
English MeaningThe Booster, The Accelerator
Urdu Meaningپیش کرنے والا
BenefitsNobody can harm someone who recurs this name while fighting or who fears being by themselves in a place of great awe; instead, they will submit to Allah.
English MeaningThe Postponer and the Delayer
Urdu Meaningبعد میں رکھنے والا
BenefitsOnly Allah’s love will endure for the one who hears this name 100 times a day in his heart. No other love is allowed inside
English MeaningThe Initial
Urdu Meaningسب سے پہلے
BenefitsIf a childless person says this name forty times a day for forty days, he will be blessed with a child. A traveler will arrive home safely if he repeats it a thousand times on a Friday.
English MeaningThe Final
Urdu Meaningسب کے بعد
BenefitsA person who chants this name frequently will have a life of happiness and a good death after it.
English MeaningThe Indicator
Urdu Meaningظاہر
BenefitsA heavenly light (Noor) will enter the heart of the person who recites this name fifteen times after Friday (jummah prayer)
English MeaningThe Unknown One, Aware of the Unknown
Urdu Meaningپوشیدہ
BenefitsThe ability to perceive reality will be granted to the person who chants this name 3 times a day.
English MeaningThe Head of State, The Sponsor
Urdu Meaningمددگار
BenefitsThe person who breathes this name into his house and repeats it will keep his house safe.
English MeaningThe All-Perceived
Urdu Meaningسب سے بلند
BenefitsThe kindness of Allah will be bestowed upon him who says this name numerous times.
English MeaningThe Wellspring of Virtue, the Charitable Sponsor
Urdu Meaningسب سے زیادہ نیک
BenefitsIf a parent speaks this name to their child, the child will be protected from bad luck.
English MeaningThe Merciful, The Permanent
Urdu Meaningتوبہ قبول کرنے والا
BenefitsFeelings of regret will be accepted by him who calls out this name numerous times.
English MeaningThe Defender
Urdu Meaningبدلہ لینے کی قدرت رکھنے والا
BenefitsThe person who calls out these names three times on Fridays will win over the opponents he faces.
English MeaningThe Forgiver
Urdu Meaningمعاف کرنے والا
BenefitsIf someone repeatedly says this name, all of their wrongdoing will be pardoned.
English MeaningThe Most Generous
Urdu Meaningرحم والا
BenefitsAllah will bless the person who says this name numerous times.
English MeaningRuler of the realm, possessor of the dominion
Urdu Meaningحکومت والا
BenefitsPeople will respect the one who calls out this name.
TransliterationZul Jalal e Wal Ikram
English MeaningAlmighty, gracious, and majestic, the possessor of honor and esteem
Urdu Meaningجلال و عزت والا
BenefitsThe person who calls out this name a lot will prosper.
English MeaningThe Just and the Equitable
Urdu Meaningانصاف کرنے والا
BenefitsThe devil’s destruction will not come to anyone who repeats this name.
English MeaningThe Compiler, the Integrator
Urdu Meaningسب کو اکٹھا کرنے والا
BenefitsReciting this name will help the one who lost things find them.
English MeaningThe Independent, The Wealthy
Urdu Meaningخود کفیل
BenefitsReciting this name 70 times will make one happy, content, and free from jealousy and need.
English MeaningThe Enhancer
Urdu Meaningدولتمند کرنے والا
BenefitsThe person who says this name a thousand times a day for ten Fridays will become independent.
English MeaningThe Refuser
Urdu Meaningروک دینے والا
BenefitsA peaceful and joyous family life can be achieved by repeating this name twenty times before bed
English MeaningThe Agonist
Urdu Meaningنقصان پہنچانے والا
BenefitsThis name should be said a hundred times on Friday evenings to anyone who lacks peace in their life. By Allah’s grace, he will be able to find tranquility and peace.
English MeaningThe Fortunate, the Provider
Urdu Meaningفائدہ دینے والا
BenefitsThe person who begins each act with the recitation of this name forty-one times will succeed in all of his good deeds.
English MeaningThe Source of Light, the Lamp
Urdu Meaningنور بخشنے والا
BenefitsReciting this name will grant divine illumination to those who do so.
English MeaningThe great Guide
Urdu Meaningرہنمائی کرنے والا
BenefitsAfter the Isha prayer, the person who repeats the holy name  1100 times will be granted freedom from all needs.
English MeaningThe Unmatched Inventor
Urdu Meaningبے نظیر
BenefitsWhen faced with any hardship or distress, the person should repeat this name 70,000 times to find relief from the situation.
English MeaningThe Everlasting, The Ever-Surviving
Urdu Meaningہمیشہ قائم رہنے والا
BenefitsBy Allah’s grace, whoever says this name 100 times on Friday nights will have all of his good deeds accepted.
English MeaningThe Heir, The Successor
Urdu Meaningسب کے بعد موجود رہنے والا
BenefitsBy Allah’s grace, whoever says this name 100 times after sunrise will be protected from all miseries.
English MeaningThe Manual, the Constant Instructor
Urdu Meaningسب کو ہدایت دینے والا
BenefitsBetween the prayers of Maghrib and Isha, one should recite this name a thousand times to anyone who lacks the knowledge necessary to complete a task or who is unable to devise a plan for one.
English MeaningThe Patient, The Forgiving
Urdu Meaningصبر والا
BenefitsReciting this name three thousand times will save the person who is repeating it from sorrow, trouble, or any other kind of difficulty.

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