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“Barish ki dua” also known as “Dua for Rain” is frequently connected to requests for rain from Allah Almighty. Allah’s messenger Muhammad PBUH taught us how to perform Salat Al-Istisqa (Prayer of Rain Water). He has performed this prayer with his companions in times of drought and to tell the method to his whole ummah.

Barish ki Dua with Urdu and English Translation

Barish ki Dua with Urdu and English Translation

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Situations to Pray

  • In times of shortages of water or dryness.
  • During crop-growing periods for agriculture.
  • Financial problems in areas where agriculture is the main industry.
  • Natural disasters such as forest fires.

Salat Al-Istisqa

The Islamic prayer Salaat al-Istisqa asks for rain. It’s a kind of Salah (prayer) offered during dry spells or periods with little rainfall. “Istisqa” comes from the Arabic language word “sād-qāf-ā,” which implies asking for something or searching it out.

Methods to Perform Salaat al-Istisqa

The method of performing Salaat e Istisqa varies slightly amongst different schools of thought. First of all, Takbeer is offered for Nafal namaz and then the namaz is offered as the method of Farz Namaz (Mandatory Prayer). After Tashhad, in the last sitting of the Nawafil, dua for rain is recited as many times as one thinks to recite. A pure and lengthy dua should be asked from Almighty Allah for rain or Barish.


  • A strong religious bond and reliance on a higher force.
  • Offering consolation and hope in trying times.
  • Respecting customs and cultural values.
  • Creating a sense of community by organizing get-togethers; increasing knowledge and accountability for the environment.
  • It will provide psychological advantages, such as lowering stress.


The English translation of “barish ki dua” is “rain prayer”. The idea is based on conventional spiritual, or social customs and entails making requests or requests for rain. The custom is frequently connected to periods of drought or shortages of water, during which people pray to God for desperately needed rain. Diverse religions and cultures may have different prayers or rituals.

Saying the “barish ki dua” is considered a way to communicate hope, faith, and reliance on a higher power for the welfare of livestock, crops, and the community as a whole. It is a spiritual and symbolic act that illustrates the understanding of the role that rain plays in maintaining the environment and life. In the Islamic tradition, a related prayer is ‘Dua e Hajat,’ a supplication made when individuals have specific needs or desires.

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