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A specific prayer or Darood for favors and safety known as “Darood e Tanjeena” entails reading goodness upon the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in a specific manner. The customs and practices of various communities may differ from one another, but the essence remains in honoring the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as exemplified in Surah Muhammad.

Darood e Tanjeena with Urdu Translation

Darood e Tanjeena with Urdu translation

Darood e Tanjeena with English Translation

Darood e Tanjeena with English translation

Download Darood e Tanjeena PDF and MP3

Download Darood-E-Tanjeena MP3

How to Read?

  • Start from the heart, with a true intention (Niyyah).
  • It’s advised to maintain physical hygiene (Wudu) and read necessary Dua after Wudu.
  • Recite Darood strongly and carefully.
  • Certain customs might call for a particular amount or frequency of recitations.
  • Reading uniformity is promoted.
  • Conclude with your prayers (Dua).

Specifications and Method

  • The technique calls for individual prayers, regularity, reading, hygiene, and purpose.
  • Adhere to any customs or advice from expert members of your community.
  • Look for information regarding the importance and purpose of the Darood.

Reference in Quran and Hadith

  • The Quran and well-known Hadith sources do not make mention of Darood e Tanjeena specifically.
  • Generally speaking, “Darood” means compliments upon the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
  • In the Quran 33:56 (Surah Ahzab) stresses that rewards be sent upon the Prophet.
  • The practice of offering praises upon the Prophet is encouraged by genuine Hadiths.
  • Importance of intent, consistency, and sincerity
  • When participating in any kind of prayer, start with a truthful intention (niyyah).
  • Routine and in-line reading is promoted.
  • When reciting prayers, honesty and loyalty are essential.

Seeking Direction

Procedures and opinions may differ among various Islamic traditions; seek guidance from proficient scholars or religious figures in your area if you are unsure.


Darood e Tanjeena is read fluently to get rid of disasters and the sudden problems of humans.

Darood e Tanjeena is read 1000 times as a wazeefa to get comfort from difficult situations. 


A specific type of prayer known as Darood e Tanjeena is said by people to confer prayers along with safety upon the prophet PBUH. It has become more and more well-liked in some areas or among particular demographics.

In Islam, it is customary to recite the Darood aloud as a means of requesting prayers and the Prophet Muhammad’s petition. There are various types of Darood like Darood Lakhi, and Darood-e-Muqaddas, and followers can recite the one that has been suggested by academics or spiritual authorities or the one that they feel is the most significant.

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