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What is Anxiety?

Anxiety refers to a state of mind marked by elevated worries, nervousness, and forecasting of possible dangers. Physical manifestations like elevated pulse and stiff muscles frequently accompany it.

Dua for Anxiety

The anxiety-relieving dua is a prayer that asks the Almighty to comfort the person praying in moments of stress and requests healing from pain or worry.

Dua for anxiety with urdu translation

Dua for Tension (Anxiety) with English Translation

Dua for anxiety with english translation

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Open Invocation

This dua starts with a humble phrase acknowledging the person’s role as an individual praising and admiring Allah and showing the divine connection between the lord and humanity.

Specialty of Dua for Tension (Anxiety)

  • The dua asks Allah to make the Quran a comforting text, pleading for it to enliven the soul, illuminate the heart, ease grief, and ease anxiety.
  • Sincerity, reliability, and dependence on Allah are recurring themes in the dua, demonstrating a strong faith in the kindness and knowledge of the Creator.

Reasons to Read this Dua

Citing specific bounties by Allah’s gracious names, seeking restoration through the Quran, displaying faith in Allah’s mercy, showing gratitude and obedience to Allah, accepting his control, and requesting relief from stress are just a few of the purposes for which reading this dua serves.

This dua’s petition acts asĀ an effective way to cope with anxiety and depression management. A steady and close spiritual relationship with Allah is facilitated by consistent supplication. In addition to these profound aspects, Muslims often turn to other supplications like Dua e Masura to address various aspects of their lives.


Dua for anxiety involves an appeal composed with the great names of the Lord, evoking particular attributes and good fortune linked to each name

In this dua, the individual expresses faith in God’s accountability and wisdom, acknowledging that he is in charge of every element of life.

An all-encompassing strategy for mental and emotional health benefits from the recitation of dua for anxiety.


To sum up, dua for tension (anxiety) is a thorough and sincere prayer that includes humility, faith in Allah’s omnipotence, and a strong desire for healing via the Quran. It is an effective tool for people who are looking for solace and alleviation from anxiety. Meanwhile, it is also suggested to recite Surah Ad Duha for the prevention of depression.

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