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The Arabic word Dua means “invocation” in the English language. In Islam, it’s a way for believers to speak with Allah and ask for blessings, guidance, and forgiveness. Muslims frequently offer dua for parents during which they thank Allah for the affection they have for their parents and sacrifices and ask for His mercy, protection, and well-being. Additionally Surah Fajr, in particular, is a special part of the Quran that helps believers talk to Allah, seek His guidance, and ask for blessings. It creates a deep connection, allowing believers to communicate with their Creator in a meaningful way.

Dua for Parents with Urdu Translation

Dua for Parents with English Translation

Dua for parents with english translation

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Methods to make Dua

Here is the best way to recite Dua.

  • Begin your prayer with the praise of Almighty Allah.
  • Send your prayers to the Holy Prophet (PBUH).
  • Appreciate or give thanks to the parents in front of Allah.
  • Ask him to pardon them for their accountable matters.
  • Request for good health, success, plenty of resources, and long life for them.
  • Finish your prayer with modesty and humbleness.


In Islam, children who offer dua to parents experience great religious, sentimental, and psychological advantages. Here are a few advantages:

Expressing Gratitude

People can use dua to show their appreciation for their parents’ unending love, sacrifices, and care. Islam places great importance on gratitude, and making a dua to express it helps to strengthen this virtue.

Asking for Pardon

The Dua gives one the chance to ask for pardon on behalf of their parents. People show humility and understand the need for mercy from God by owning up to their mistakes and asking for forgiveness. For further insights into seeking forgiveness, you can refer to Surah Taubah, a chapter in the Quran that emphasizes repentance and the divine mercy of Allah.

Protection and Well-Being

Individuals can ask Allah for the protection and well-being of their parents by making a dua. Muslims hold that Allah possesses the ability to protect the people they love from harm and spiritual materialism.

Strengthening Bonds

Reciting your dua helps family members’ emotional ties to one another. By continuously offering prayers for the health and bliss of parents, people help forge stronger bonds of love, compassion, and concern within their families. For additional guidance on prayers related to health, you may find insights in Surah Yaseen, a chapter in the Quran that holds significance in seeking well-being and blessings.


There are many advantages of performing a prayer to parents in Islam. It establishes a spiritual bond with Allah, satisfies the obligation to honor parents, and shows gratitude for their sacrifices. Dua enables people to ask for protection and well-being, ask for mercy for parents, and support family harmony.

It promotes personal growth, fortifies emotional ties, and sets an example of compassion for coming generations. In the end, making a dua can bring them comfort in knowing that Allah is in charge of their loved ones’ well-being.

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