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Definition of Rizq

 The Arabic word “Rizq” means “sustenance” or “provision” in English. It refers to one’s means of subsistence and includes one’s physical, religious, and mental well-being in Islam.

Dua for Rizq with Urdu Translation

The Quranic verses Surah Al-Fatiha, Surah Al-Baqarah, and Surah Taha can also be recited to obtain blessings and sustenance. Prophetic prayers, or duas, are advised as well; they convey one’s needs and wishes to Allah.

Dua for Rizq with Urdu translation

Dua for Rizq (Income) with English Translation

Dua for Rizq with English translation

Download Dua for Income (Rizq) Image and MP3

Download Dua For Income (Rizq) MP3

Methods of Reading

  • Commence by praising Allah and sending greetings to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
  • When making requests, choose the right moments to do so and be truthful and concentrated.
  • In addition to the suggested duas, elevate your palms (optional) and speak in a personal manner.
  • Have tolerance, keep making dua, and have faith in Allah’s plan.

References from Quran

Quranic surahs like Surah Al-Fatiha, Surah Al-Baqarah, and Surah Taha; are prophetic prayers, such as those asking for pardon, correction, and enlightenment.

Benefits of Reciting this Dua

  • A stronger relationship with Allah and an awareness of His providence; • A greater sense of trust in Him.
  • Asking for direction and blessings about business affairs.
  • Defense against adversity and economic challenges.
  • Establishing endurance, satisfaction, and an attitude of appreciation.
  • Making a connection with the verses in the Quran about food.
  • Encouraging moral conduct and well-intentioned actions when pursuing food.


Yes, rizq is sent by Allah by the means of angels at the time of Fajar.

We should read dua for rizq in Fajar and Zohar prayer or at times when we are at our workplaces.


In general, reading dua for income (Rizq) is a way to establish a spiritual bond, acknowledge one’s reliance on Allah, ask for direction, and encourage an optimistic and appreciative outlook on life. It blends faith in Allah with self-work and moral behavior.

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