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Lohe Qurani is the set of holy words having great power and indicates the relationship between the Quran and the “Lauh Mahfuz” (Preserved Tablet) by referring to a heavenly or eternal tablet connected to the Quran. The Quran is regarded as an expression of divine wisdom and some of its secrets have been conserved in the Lohe Qurani.


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  • Divine Documentation: It emphasizes that all knowledge is preserved and recorded by God, strengthening the ideas of destiny and divine infinite knowledge.
  • Origin of Direction: It highlights that the instructions found in the Quran are part of an everlasting, divinely intended plan.
  • Everlasting Nature: As stated in the Preserved Tablet, it represents divine wisdom’s eternal and unchangeable character.
  • Incredible Revelation: This idea draws attention to the Quran’s miraculous status as a revealed text and links followers to the divine source of its teachings.
  • Metaphysical Significance: By exploring metaphysical topics, the Lohe Mahfuz and Qurani aid believers in comprehending how the heavenly and material worlds are related.

Situations to Read

  • No Particular Setting: The idea of Lohe Qurani is not linked to any particular setting for reading or repetition. Rather, the emphasis lies on reciting the Quran in various contexts.
  • Wazeefa and personal beliefs: People read it for different purposes as wazeefa and some people wear it in their rings or necklaces for protection from evil spirits.
  • Memorization and Study: To memorize (Hifz) and thoroughly study the Quranic verses, recitation is also recommended.
  • Special Occasions: At religious festivals, marriages, and funerals, among other events, the verses of the Quran are recited.

Secrets of Lohe Qurani

  • Complete Knowledge: Determining the scope and makeup of the extensive understanding documented in the Loh–Qurani is a riddle.
  • Relationship to the Quran: There is a reflective element to the association between the Lohe Qurani and the Quran, which is sometimes regarded as mysterious.


It is thought that lauh e mahfuz (Loh e Mehfooz) is a heavenly book in which Allah has recorded all of his divine rulings, including information about cosmic affairs and human fates, in the Preserved Tablet, a heavenly record.

Loh e Qurani should be read once after a few days. These are so powerful words that are read at the time of difficulties mostly.

Loh e Qurani can be hung on walls in our houses for safety and some people also wear them in necklaces or pendants.


In conclusion, Lohe Qurani and the ideas related to them emphasize the everlasting character of the Quran’s guidance and the divine storing of knowledge, adding to the religious depth of Islamic belief. Recognizing and pondering these ideas along with reflecting upon the divine attributes encapsulated in the Asma ul Husna (the 99 names of Allah), are essential components of Islamic theology and metaphysics.

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