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Mitti Dene ki Dua is a prayer offered when a dead Muslim is buried, and soil is put on his/her grave. This dua is necessary for the forgiveness of the dead person. It is not compulsory, but people should read it to their fellows and relatives.

Mitti Dene ki Dua with Urdu Translation

Mitti dene ki Dua with Urdu translation

Dua for Burial with English Translation

Mitti dene ki dua with english translation

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Download Dua after Burial MP3

Purpose of Reciting This Dua

Reciting dua while covering a grave expresses devotion for the departed, recognizes the Creator as the origin of tranquility, and highlights how fleeting life is.

When to Recite This Dua?

Indeed, immediately following the Janazah (funeral) prayer, this dua or similar prayers are frequently repeated, especially during the burial of the person who passed away.

How Often We Should Recite Mitti ki Dua?

No set number of times must pass between duas offered in remembrance of the deceased. Emphasis is placed on honesty and deep prayer. While particular prayers may be advised during certain practices, sincere requests for the Lord’s pardon and compassion for the deceased spirit are the primary concern.


No, a dead person should be buried as soon as possible as per the recommendations of Almighty Allah.

Women are not allowed to go to the graveyard so mostly men recite this while burying the dead person.

Yes, this dua asks for the forgiveness of the people from Allah and makes the next journey of the dead easy.


In conclusion, this dua centers the focus on the Islamic customs surrounding dying, burial, and funeral prayers, emphasizing the significance of decency, urgency, and truthfulness in these customs. It also shows that how unpredictable life can be, and we should always thank our lord for giving us life.

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