Nazar Ki Dua | How to Recite Effectively for Evil Protection

Nazar ki dua also known as “Nazar Bad Dua” relates to the prayer recited to seek defense from evil eyes or negative impacts. Faith in the wrongful eye is present in many nations, and people recite special prayers or duas in search of protection for themselves or their loved ones.

The term “nazar” basically relates to the evil gaze or negative energy that one person may transfer directly toward the other, leading him/her to possible harm or bad luck. In Islam, there are many prayers that can be recited to end the bad effects of nazar. The narration of this dua is a protective shield against the harm caused by jealousy, envy, or negative energy.

Nazar ki Dua With Urdu Translation

Nazar ki dua with urdu translation

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Nazar ki dua with english translation

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How to Perform Effectively

Undeniably, here are some key points to keep in mind when performing the prayer of protection from the evil eye:

Intention (Niyat)

It should be clear in our heart and mind that we are asking for protection from the negative results of the bad eye and other curses.


If you are doing the dua as a part of a longer prayer, face the Qiblah, which is the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca. If not, facing the Qiblah is usually advised when offering prayers.


Because Islamic rites place a strong emphasis on hygiene, make sure you are physically clean. If required, perform ablution (wuzu).

Begin with Praise of the Almighty

Begin by thanking and honoring Allah. Before starting the dua, you can say, “Bismillah” (In the name of Allah).

Repeat with Conviction

Recite the selected dua with sincerity, conviction, and faith in its ability to protect you.

Trust in Allah

Never forget to have confidence in Allah as your ultimate protection and to rely on His wisdom and mercy.


Nazar ki Dua is a concept that entails using appeals or prayers to seek protection from the negative effects of the evil eye. This spiritual practice is often based on the idea that bad luck can result from envy, jealousy, or negative energy directed towards another person. The fundamental idea is to put your faith in Allah as the ultimate source of protection—in his wisdom and mercy.

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