Surah Dhariyat PDF Download | 3 Key Benefits & Full Review

JUZ (PARA)26-27

Introduction to Surah Dhariyat PDF

Surah Dhariyat is the 51st chapter of the Holy Quran. It is a Meccan surah that emphasizes monotheism, the final day of judgment, and the divine signs evident in the universe. Surah Dhariyat pdf is in the 26-27th Para and consists of 60 verses, 3 Ruku, and 360 words. It reminds readers of their purpose in life and the reality of the afterlife.

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Meaning of Surah Dhariyat

Surah Dhariyat translates to “The winnowing Winds” of The Scattering Winds”. It refers to the winds that scatter dust and it is a symbolic gesture towards the power of Allah at the start of Surah. Throughout the whole chapter, different instances from the natural world have been used as allegories to give a message about faith, divine wisdom and righteousness.

The surah also narrates episodes from the lives of past prophets like Noah (refer to Surah Nuh), Moses (refer to Surah Maryam), Ibrahim (refer to Surah Ibrahim), and Lot. It emphasizes the consistency of Allah’s message over time and elaborates on the consequences faced by those who deny the truth.

Benefits of Surah Dhariyat

Lessons from History: By quoting the tales of past prophets, the Surah Dhariyat pdf is a reminder of the importance of perseverance and patience as well as the trials of faith. It encourages us to remain steadfast in our convictions.

Deep Insights into the Afterlife: This surah paints a clear picture of the day of judgment, establishing a mix of fear and hope in one’s heart: fear of accountability and hope for Allah’s mercy. It motivates us to lead righteous lives.

Monotheism: It strengthens the foundation of monotheism in one’s heart by emphasizing the oneness of Allah and countering polytheistic beliefs.

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Surah Dhariyat, like many chapters of the Qur’an, offers spiritual, moral, and intellectual benefits. It emphasizes the importance of reflection on the signs of God in the universe and encourages belief in the Day of Judgment. Recitation of this surah can foster a deeper understanding of the universe’s purpose and one’s role in it, promoting mindfulness and gratitude.

Surah Dhariyat doesn’t tell a single linear story but rather touches on various themes. One notable narrative within the surah is the story of Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim) receiving angelic guests who give him glad tidings of a son, Isaac (Ishaq), and the subsequent destruction of the people of Lot (Lut) due to their sinful actions. The surah also delves into discussions about the Day of Judgment, the importance of recognizing the signs of God, and the ultimate outcome for the believers and disbelievers.

The title “Dhariyat” can be translated to “The Winnowing Winds” or “The Scattering Winds” in English. This is in reference to the opening verses of the surah where Allah swears by winds that scatter dust and clouds.

Surah Dhariyat is located in the 26-27th Juz’ (Para) of the Qur’an.


According to this review of Surah Dhariyat pdf, it is clear that this is a powerful chapter of the Holy Quran with profound theological concepts and beautifully interweaves the magnificence of nature. This surah takes its name from the scattering wind as well as a metaphor for omnipresence and the omnipotence of Allah. By telling the different past stories, it underlines the universality of Allah and the consequences of denying this fact. A powerful reminder of the day of judgment urges us to lead lives anchored in good deeds and strong belief. Moreover, this surah is a timeless lesson on the essence of life, purpose, and the eternal journey of the soul.

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