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Surah Ad-Dukhan is a Meccan surah having 3 rukus, 59 verses, 346 words, and 1439 letters. Surah Dukhan PDF is the 44th chapter of the Holy Quran in para 25. The verses of this beautiful surah are meaningful and have briefed messages. The benefits of reciting surah Ad-Dukhan are huge and leave unbelievable effects on its reciter.

Surah Dukhan Meaning

Surah Al-Dukhan got its name from the word “Dukhan,” which is mentioned in verse 10. The word “Dukhan” is an Arabic origin word often referred to as a boy name that means “smoke”.

Surah Ad-Dukhan is a beautiful surah of the Holy Quran. Its verses are meaningful and deliver numerous facts and important messages to all of us. After reading some of its verses, one can be terrified and worried as it sketches the horrifying picture of the day of judgment and hell. On the other hand, some of its verses explain the beauty and good luck of people who will stay in paradise.

In Which Para Surah Dukhan Located

Surah Dukhan is a mesmerizing and gleeful surah of the Holy Quran, which was one of the beloved surahs of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace Be Upon Him). This appealing surah is in the 25th Para of the Holy Quran.

First Section

Allah Sent Down the Holy Book on the Blessed Night

The opening verse of surah Ad-Dukhan is one of the Quran’s Muqatt’at. The first section of the surah Dukhan explains that the Holy book Quran has been sent down on a blessed night, Laylatul Qadr. This night comes in the month of Ramadan in the last ten days and has massive importance among Muslims worldwide. A similar thing has been described in the Holy Quran as

     “Verily, We have sent it down on the Night of Al-Qadr.”


In the Holy Book of the Quran, Allah delivered a complete set of codes and instructions to have a good life according to the golden rules of Islam. He has also warned the wrongdoers against their rejection of the oneness and existence of Allah. These people will have to face the torment of Hell as a punishment for their sins.

Laylat-Ul-Qadr Night is very Important.

Laylat-Ul-Qadr Night

The blessed night of Laylat-Ul-Qadr is very important among Muslims as Allah has made this night full of blessings and rewards for those who stay awake and worship. It is very crucial for every Muslim to bow his head in front of Allah and ask for a good life for the upcoming year and forgiveness for his sins.

Three renowned early Muslim scholars said that,

“all the affairs of lifespan, deeds, creation, and provision are decreed on Laylatul-Qadr in the month of Ramadan and will come to pass in the coming year.”

Al-Hasan Al-Basri (d. 110 H), Mujahid (d. 104 H), and Qatadah (d. 117 H)

Everything happened by the will of Allah.

In the beautiful surah Dukhan, Allah says that everything that happens in this world is by the will and commands of Allah. Allah has complete authority and control over everything happening in this world. Nothing can happen against His will; even a leaf can’t move if He doesn’t want it to move.

Allah sent Messengers

Allah loves His creatures and humankind, so He cares for them and doesn’t want them to be ignorant of Him. Allah had always sent messengers for the guidance and well-being of humanity of all ages. It is a clear sign of His mercy towards humankind that He sends His messengers and books for the betterment of humanity.

Allah is the Lord

All the powers and glory belong to Allah, who controls the universe. A person with complete faith in Allah knows He is the Lord of the earth, heavens, and everything in between. Allah knows everything that one shows or hides. He knows the secrets of everyone’s heart and everything that is hidden.

He Alone Gives Life And Causes Death

Allah is the greatest of Allah, and all His powers, oneness, and glory made Him deserve to be worshipped. There is no god except Him and worthy of worship. He alone decides all the matters of one’s life, whether life or death. One can’t live a single second more than He decided, and one can’t even die until He wants.

A person who has a great deal of faith in Allah has no fear of anyone except Allah. As a Muslim knows that life and death are in the hands of Allah, this faith makes one brave and bold and have great courage to make life’s decisions.

The day of Resurrection will be Terrifying.

Surah Dukhan sketches the horrifying picture of the day of judgment. It demonstrates that when the day of judgment arrives, the sky will be filled with visible smoke. All these scenes will be so terrifying for the hypocrites that they will bring away their sight and hearings. Then, hypocrites will cry and plead to Allah to remove their torment.

But things would be different for the believers, and they will have a cloud upon them that will be satisfying. Surah Ad-Dukhan explains on the day of resurrection t hypocrites will say that they will believe in Allah and pray to remove the doom from them. But in fact, these people are ignorant and claim false things, and they have already rejected the messenger of Allah.

Second Section

Allah Tested Pharaoh’s People

Allah says in verse seventeen of the surah Dukhan that we tested the people of the pharaohs and sent a messenger to them. The noble messenger guided them to the right path of Allah and asked them not to be ignorant of Allah.

The messenger told them I have come to you with solid proofs and seek refuge with my and your Lord. And, you should respect me and don’t stone me to death. People should trust me, but you can stone me to death if you don’t. The messenger of Allah was worried to see the ignorance of the pharaoh’s people, and he cried out loud to the Lord that these people were wicked.

Allah Drowned Fir’awn and all of His Army

Allah Drowned Fir’awn

Verse number 23 of the surah Dukhan states that Allah responded to the cry of His prophet and said leave with my servants at night, and you will be indeed pursued. When the Musa and the children of Isreal crossed the river, Musa wanted it to be spilled so that Fir’awn couldn’t catch them.

Ad-Dukhan demonstrates the whole incident; Allah tells Musa to leave the river as it is and keep moving. When Fir’awn and his army reached the middle of the river, Allah drowned all of them.

Disbelievers Got a Terrible Abode

Allah says in the surah Dukhan that disbelievers’ life was very comfortable; they enjoyed a lavish lifestyle. They had a variety of fruits, dry fruits, juices, and anything they wanted to eat at any time. Then, all of a sudden, they lost everything and departed from this world. Their last destination is Hell which is a terrible place to stay.

Allah Denouces the Idolaters

Allah says in the surah Dukhanthat that disbelievers say there is no life after this life, and we will not be alive after death. They challenged the messengers of Allah to bring back their forefathers if they were accurate in their claim of life after death. Allah says in the Holy Quran.

“They say, The only life is this worldly life, and here we shall live and die. It is only time which annihilates us. They have no knowledge about this. It is only their speculations.”

(Surah al-Jathiyah, 45:24)

The Day of Resurrection is Final.

Verse number 40 and onward verses of the surah Dukhan state that the day of judgment is inevitable and will happen at any cost. On that day, everyone will be hurried and need a favor for himself, and no one will care for anyone.

Verse number 43 of the surah Dukhan states that the food of the wrongdoers will be the fruit of the tree Zaqqu’m. This food will be like molten metal and boiling water. They will be seized into the depths of the hellfires, and boiling water will be poured upon their heads. Then, they will be told to taste this, which is all they used to deny.

 Destination of Righteous People Through the Lenses of the Quran

Verses 51-56 of the Surah Dukhan demonstrate the destination of righteous people will be paradise. Allah says that the honest people will stay in heaven, where there will be rivers of milk and honey, and be dressed in delicate silk dresses.

They will enjoy this luxurious lifestyle for an infinite time. They will never taste death after their first death, and they are protected from the torment of hell. Allah has sent down the Quran in your language so that it would be easy for you to understand and act upon its teachings.

Allah demonstrates the same thing in another place in Holy Quran as

“But those who believe and do deeds of righteousness, we shall soon admit them to gardens, with rivers flowing beneath, to dwell therein forever. Allah’s promise is the truth, and whose word can be truer than Allah’s?”


Surah Dukhan Benefits

The benefits of surah Ad-Dukhan are huge, and its recitation positively impacts its reciter. Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (a.s.) said about surah Al-Dukhan

“Whoever recites Surah ad-Dukhan in his faraa’idh (compulsory prayers) will be protected from the torment of the Day of Judgement and will easily be able to give his accounts. His book of deeds will also be given to him in his right hand.”

It is also recommended to keep the written form of the surah Dukhan at the place of business will grow your business exponentially. If a patient is treated with water on which surah Ad-Dukhan is recited several times, it will provide him relief for ailments.

Download Surah Dukhan Full PDF

I am sharing the three versions of the surah Dukhan (Arabic, English, and Urdu) so that you can download its pdf and read it when it is convenient for you, whether you have internet access or not.


The recitation of surah Ad-Dukhan is beneficial for one to get close to Allah and get forgiveness for their sins and protection from evil.

Surah Al-Dukhan is in the 25th Para of the Holy Quran.

The word “Dukhan” is an Arabic origin name meaning “smoke.”

Surah Dukhan pdf recitation protects against Satan’s evil and keeps one safe.

The fourth verse of the Ad-Dukhan is “On that night, every matter of wisdom is ordained.”

Final Thoughts

Surah Dukhan is the 44th chapter of the Holy Quran and has 59 verses and 346 words. It is a Meccan surah in the 25th Para of the Holy Quran. It teaches us to fear Allah and the inevitable day of judgment. On the day of judgment, hypocrites and disbelievers will find no grace from Allah. On the other hand, righteous people will spend a lavish life in paradise for an infinite period.

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