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JUZ (PARA)15-16
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Introduction to Surah Kahf PDF

Surah Kahf is a lengthy surah in terms of the number of verses. It has  12 Ruku, 110 verses, 1583 words, and 6425 letters. You can download the Surah Kahf PDF in Arabic with English & Urdu Translation below in this article.

Meaning of Surah Kahf

The word “Al Kahf” means “ the people of the cave”. Surah Kahf is the 18th chapter of the Holy Quran in the 15-16 Para. The central theme of this blissful surah is the story of the people of the cave.

Are you interested in understanding the messages and context of the surah Al Kahf? Then, you should be happy because here in this article, I will lighten the messages of surah Al Kahf. Surah Kahf is a Meccan Surah (Makki Surah) revealed to the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH during His early migration to Mecca (Makkah). That is why it is known as Meccan Surah (Makki Surah).

Allah teaches us essential lessons and facts through the story of the people of the cave in this surah. It tells us that it is crucial to seek the refuge of Allah in every painful and challenging time. This story is full of courage, determination, and trust in Allah. This story revolves around two men who lived in the times of Prophet Dawud( David) and Prophet Suleman( Solomon).

The Cave – Central Theme of the Surah Kahf

The People of the Cave

As you can see in the Surah Kahf In this beautiful Surah, Allah tells us the story of two men living in the times of Prophet Sulaiman (Solomon) and Prophet Dawud (David). Both young men were true believers and were not liked for this. They were treated ill because of their faith in Allah for a long time. Influential people who were disbelievers punished them repeatedly to compel them to change their faith.

The Miracle of Ashab e Kahf
The Cave of Ashab e Kahf

As both young men were true believers of Allah, they didn’t change themselves and kept their strong belief in the oneness of Allah. They left their hometown and sought refuge in a cave to get rid of the persecution and practice their religion freely.

When they went into the cave, Allah makes asleep, and they slept there for an extended period. They slept there for years, and when they finally woke up and came out of the cave, what they found out was surprising. They discovered that the world had changed dramatically as they slept in the cave for many years.

They also realized that new people don’t know them and their religion. The two young men were excited to be among the new people; they considered it safe for themselves and an opportunity to spread the message of Allah. We all should try our best to

First Section

The Miracle of Ashab e Kahf

This blissful surah starts with the discussion of the people of Makkah asking and challenging the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH to show some miracle. They said to the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH that they would believe Him only after seeing a powerful miracle. In response, Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH told them the story of the people of the cave by reciting the first few verses of the Surah Kahf.


The Story of an Arrogant Wealthy Man

Another story in Surah Al Kahf is about a man whom Allah blessed with much wealth and children. He boasted that all he had was the result of his hard work and forgot that Allah’s blessing gave him so much wealth and children. Allah doesn’t like arrogance and pride; Allah sent an angel who destroyed all of his fields and garden on which he takes pride. We should never be ignorant of our wealth, as Allah doesn’t like arrogant people.

Faith in Allah Almighty

It teaches us to keep strong faith in Allah, rely on Him in hard times, and that miracles need not necessarily be supernatural events. But it can be simply the stories of people who have a great deal of faith in Allah, then Allah protects them and helps them in every aspect of life. These simple stories also show Allah’s greatness, glory, and power, just like other mighty miracles by Him.

Second Section

The Day of Judgment Mentioned in Surah

You can see in Surah Kahf, it also discusses the inevitable day of judgment when this temporary world will be destroyed, and nothing will be left safe from the anger of Allah. Then, all the people will be called together from their graves. All the people will stand together in front of Allah, and then Allah will hand them over the actions lists they have been doing in their lives.

On the day of resurrection, all the dead people will be alive again by the orders of Allah, as He has the power and authority to do this. Allah has promised in the Quran that Allah will grant life to all the people again on that terrifying day.

Surah Al Kahf finally discusses the story of Moses and the servant of Allah. Allah had given him excellent knowledge.  Knowledge is an immense power, and we should always strive hard to gain beneficial knowledge.

Lessons of Surah Al Kahf PDF

Stay on the Righteous Path

If have already read Surah Kahf, you would be clear that this blissful surah tells us that it is imperative to spend our lives on the righteous path that directs us toward Allah. It is evident from the story of the people of the cave that Allah always supports the people who rely on Him and put their trust in Him. He is the owner of this whole wonderfully built universe and has the power to do anything.

Strong belief in Almighty

It also teaches us to stand firm on our beliefs and religion. We should not be afraid of evil powers and people, as when we are on the right path, we should have faith that Allah will never leave us alone. Allah always helps and supports those who have strong faith in Him.

Be Thankful to the Almighty

This amazing surah also warns us that we should always be thankful to Allah for His blessings. We should not be arrogant about anything good we have in our life.

Don’t Forget the Day of Judgment

This temporary world will end on a day fixed by Allah. On that day, all the people will be alive again to answer for their actions on earth. We should never forget that we must be answerable in front of Allah on the day of resurrection. So, we should spend our lives according to the golden principles of Allah and Islam.

Benefits of Reading Surah Al Kahf

Surah Al Kahf is one of the most beautiful surahs of the Holy Quran. It is evident from many hadiths that reciting it daily brings numerous advantages to its reciter as Surah Yaseen and Surah Muzammil have amazing benefits. Many hadiths also state that it is more beneficial to recite this blissful surah on Friday, as this will enlighten one’s whole week until the following Friday (Al-Mundhiri).

Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH said;

“Whoever reads surah Al Kahf on Friday will have a light illuminating from under his feet, soaring sky high to light for him on the day of Resurrection, and will be forgiven for what is done between the two Fridays.”

Authenticated by the Al-Albani

It is also believed from the narration of hadiths that the one who recites the surah Kahf on Friday will be saved from Dajjal.

Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH said;

“If someone learns by the heart the first ten verses of the surah Al-Kahf, he will be protected from Dajjal.”


As there are many spiritual benefits of reading the Surah Kahf, I would suggest you download a PDF in Arabic, Urdu, or English language below and give it a read to feel the miracle of Almighty for His loved ones.

Download Surah Kahf PDF in Arabi, Urdu and English


Surah Al-Kahf is one of the Quran’s most famous and recited surahs. It teaches us that it is vital to have strong determination about your religion and faith, and Allah always protects those who rely on Him in their hour of need.

The title of this beautifully structured surah is Al-Kahf because it states the story of two young men who sought refuge in a cave. And the meaning of the “Al-Kahf” is “cave.”

According to Muslim and Christian traditions, they were a group of 7 people who hid inside a cave outside the city of Ephesus around 250 CE to escape the torment of the people who wanted to kill them because of their faith in Allah.

 We should recite surah Al Kahf every Friday to seek the refuge of Allah from evil. It is narrated in many hadiths that Allah will forgive all the sins of the person who recites surah Kahf every Friday.


Surah Kahf is a Meccan Surah (Makki Surah) that has 110 verses and 12 rukus. It is one of the most beautifully structured surahs of the Quran that teaches us many fundamental lessons by narrating different stories. It tells the story of the cave people who left their hometown because they were unsafe there. Influential people wanted to assassinate them because of their religion.

When the people of the Makkh asked the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH to show a miracle, He PBUH told them the story of the cave people. This surah teaches us to keep our belief solid and firm in Allah. On the day of resurrection, Allah will make all the dead people alive, and they will be handed over their charge sheets. We should all seek knowledge, as the power of knowledge is beyond its limits.

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