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JUZ (PARA)19-20

Introduction to Surah Naml PDF

The magnificent Quranic chapter “Surah Naml” beautified the 19th and 20th para. The beauty of this Quranic chapter is that it opens with the muqatt’at words “Ta-Sin.” According to the classification of the Holy Quran, it is assumed to be an early Meccan surah. Surah Naml pdf is the review of the 27th chapter of the Holy Quran.

The Surah Naml contains 7 Ruku, 93 verses, 1166 words, and 4795 letters. It also has one sajdah verse. The advantages of reciting Surah Naml are huge.

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Quick Review of Surah Naml PDF

Meaning of Surah Naml

“An-Naml” is an Arabic origin word meaning “the ant.” The verses of Surah Naml tell us the stories of prophets Moses, Solomon Nuh, Salih, and Lot. It also guides us on the prime concepts of Islam.

Central Theme of Surah Naml PDF

Surah Naml is a review of a glorious chapter of the Holy Quran with the most beautiful and splendid verses. The central theme of its verses revolves around monotheism and the stories of Prophets who struggled a lot to spread the messages of Allah across their nations.

The verses of the Surah Naml mention the Holy Quran as a brilliant book of guidance and glad tidings to believers. The Holy Quran has good news for people who establish prayers, donate their wealth to the poor, and believe in the day of resurrection.

Moses asked the Fir’on and his followers to quit their ignorance and called them on the righteous path, but they rejected His invitation. Allah bestowed great wisdom on Solomon and Daud. Prophet Solomon knows the language of the birds. Moses showed miracles of Allah in front of Fir’on and his nation, but they called Him a magician, which is briefly explained in Surah Maryam.

Allah sent Salih to Thamud to guide them to the righteous path, but they rejected His invitation. Allah motivates men to travel the world, watch what happened to the disbelievers, and learn lessons from them.

Benefits of Surah Naml

Great Reward

Surah Naml’s recitation bestowed its reciter with great reward. It is evident from many hadiths of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) reciting surah Naml rewards you ten times for those at that place.

Friendship With Allah

Surah Naml is a beloved surah of Allah and the Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH), and He used to recite it quite often. Its recitation gives you a chance to get closer to Allah.

Solves Marriage Issues

One of the significant benefits of reciting surah An Naml is that it solves your married life problems. So, if you have severe problems in your married life, you must recite this remarkable surah often to get Allah’s support.

Surah Naml verses 31-32 Benefits.

These magnificent verses of surah An Naml teach us to be thankful to Allah for His countless blessings. If a person recites these verses excessively, he will get close to Allah.

Surah Naml verse 61 Benefit

Surah An Naml verse 61 states that Allah is the owner and creator of the earth, heavens, skies, and everything between them. This blissful verse helps us understand Allah’s power and glory in the best way.

Surah Naml verse 62 Benefit

Surah An Naml verse 62 has amazing and significant benefits for its reciter. You should recite this verse excessively if you have any urgent wish, a cure for a fatal disease, overcome difficulties in life, and resolve marital problems.

Download Surah Naml PDF With Translation

Surah Naml PDF in Arabic

Surah Naml With Urdu Translation

Surah Naml With English Translation


An Naml is an Arabic word and has the meaning “the ant.” This blissful Surah is named An Naml, as its verses mention the story of an ant’s conversation with prophet Solomon.

Surah Naml pdf briefly talks about Allah’s uniqueness and oneness and states that people with open eyes and ears can understand Allah’s messages. Disbelievers will face immense embracement on the day of resurrection.

Surah Naml teaches us that Allah has authority over the universe, and if we want anything in our life, only Allah can provide us.

Most Islamic scholars believe that surah An Naml was revealed during the middle stage of Prophet Muhammad’s residency at Mecca.

“The ant” is mentioned in the verses of the surah An Naml.

Surah Naml is also known as “Surah Solomon,” as it completely narrates the prophet Solomon’s story.

Surah Naml is in the 19th and 20th para of the Holy Quran.

Surah Naml has 93 verses.


Surah Naml pdf is a mesmerizing chapter of the Holy Quran. Its content mentions the story of an ant’s conversation with the prophet Solomon, which is why its title is “An-Naml.” It also tells us the story of Moses when he showed miracles to Fir’on and his nation in the hope of believing in Him as the prophet of Allah. Its verses also mention prophets Nuh, Lot, and Solomon.

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