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Introduction to Surah Saffat PDF

The 23rd Para of the Holy Quran contains a beautiful Quranic chapter named “Surah As-Saffat.” Surah Saffat is a Meccan surah of the Holy Quran having 5 Ruku, 182 verses, 866 words, and 3903 letters. Surah Saffat pdf is a full review of the 37th chapter of the Holy Quran.

This Surah discusses various fundamental important concepts, i.e., monotheism, polytheism, and the day of resurrection. Its impressive content also tells us stories of hardships that prophets Nuh, Lot, Jonah, Moses, Elias, Issac, and Ibrahim endured spreading Allah’s messages.

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Quick Review of Surah Saffat PDF

Meaning of Surah Saffat

“As Saffat” is an Arabic origin word and has meanings “Those who rank themselves in order. Surah Saffat sketches a terrifying picture of the day of resurrection and a mesmerizing sight of the charms of the heavens. It also includes the conversation between the disbelievers and their gods.

Central Theme of Surah Saffat PDF

The central theme of the Surah Saffat revolves around the concept of monotheism. Allah glorifies Himself as the undoubted king of the whole universe. The verses of surah Saffat also include the story of the prophet Ibrahim who agreed to sacrifice his only son on the way of Allah.

Surah Saffat’s verses demonstrate the conversation between the disbelievers and their so-called gods, and they will blame each other for their destruction. Disbelievers will face severe torment in Hell and will get no escape. On the other hand, people who submit themselves to Allah and His prophet Muhammad(PBUH) will enjoy eternal life in the gardens of the heavens.

The entire content of the Surah Saffat Pdf motivates the present Muslims to follow Islam, as the prophets of Allah had endured endless hardships in conveying Allah’s messages to us. Prophet Ibrahim was thrown into the fire by the Nimrod, and the fish swelled Prophet Yunus.

Benefits of Surah Saffat

Surah Saffat pdf content is marvelous and acts as a miracle to transform the lives of its reciter. The virtues and benefits of reciting this blissful surah are evident from many hadiths of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Ibn Abbas narrated a beautiful Hadith of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH);

“Whoever recites Surah Yasin and Surah Saffat on Friday and then asks Allah to fulfill his wish, it will be granted by Allah.”

  • Many people also believe that reciting Surah Saffat near a dying person would make leaving the world easy and painless.
  • The recitation of surah As Saffat has so much value near Allah that He rewards its reciter ten times the virtues of the number of jinns and humans.
  • It is also suggested that keeping a written form of this blissful surah in a water bottle would make your house safe from the attack of evil and jinns and also recite Surah Nas.

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Surah Saffat leaves fantastic benefits for its reciter, it keeps one’s house safe from the evil of jinns, and if recited near a dying person, it will make the last journey easy for him.

Surah Saffat, most verses are about the day of resurrection, good news for believers and bad for evil-doers.

Prophet Noah(A.S) has been mentioned in the Surah Saffat.

Surah Saffat has 5 Ruku, and 182 verses.

Surah Saffat is in the 23rd para of the Holy Quran.

Surah Saffat is in the 23rd para of the Holy Quran and is a Meccan surah.

The last verse of the Surah As-Saffat says, “And, praise to be Allah-Lord of all worlds.”

Verse 28 of the Surah Saffat says, “The misled will say, “It was you who deluded us away from what is right.”

Verse 18 of the Surah Saffat says, Say, “Yes! And you will be fully humbled.”

Verse 5 of the Surah Saffat says, “He is the Lord of heavens and the earth and everything in between, and the Lord of all points of sunrise.”

Verse 96 of the Surah Saffat says, “When it is Allah who created you and whatever you do?

Verse 130 of the Surah As-Saffat is, “Peace be upon Elias”

In verse 89 of the Surah As-Saffat says, then said, “ I am really sick.”


Surah Saffat is a magnificent chapter of the Holy Quran, starting with an oath-taking that enhances its content’s beauty. The chapter got its name from its first verse. Surah Saffat serves as a warning to the evil-doers by sketching a horrifying picture of the life disbelievers will spend in the life hereafter.  

It also tells us the stories of hardships faced by the prophet Ibrahim, Yunus, Jonah, and Lut to spread Allah’s messages. Surah Saffat recitation in the house keeps the house safe from the evil of jinns; the recitation of the Surah Jinn pdf also offers this benefit.

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