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Surah Taghabun comprises 2 Ruku, 18 verses, and 242 words. The opening verse of this gleeful surah is all about glorifying Allah. The central theme of the Surah Taghabun PDF revolves around the invitation of faith in Allah, submitting ourselves to the will of Allah, and teachings of good morals.

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In today’s busy world, everyone can’t sit properly and give time to their passion for reading and understanding the context of great books. The Holy Quran is the greatest miracle of Allah, and it is essential for us to recite and understand its chapters. In this article, I am sharing the surah Taghabun for your ease so that you may recite it anytime after downloading it.

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Surah Taghabun is classified as Madinan surah of the Holy Quran as it was revealed upon Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) during His early stage residence at Madinah. It is the 64th chapter of the Holy Quran in para 28. “Taghabun” is an Arabic origin word meaning “loss and deprivation.”

It is one of the most famous surahs among Muslims and is recited by millions daily for its exceptional benefits. One of the significant benefits of recitation of surah Taghban is that it sets your heart at peace and calm under challenging circumstances and makes you thankful to Allah for what you have. It also provides a shield against the evil eyes and torment of the grave.

Central Theme

Allah is the Great King.

Surah Taghabun’s opening verses state that Allah is the creator and great king of the universe. All the creatures in the universe worship Him, and He is the only one who deserves to be worshipped. He has all the powers and glory to do anything. Allah knows everything that anyone is doing at any place.

Allah says in the Holy Quran, Surah Muzzammil verse number 73;

“[He Is] the Lord of East and the West; there is no deity except Him; so take Him as the disposer of [your] affairs.”

Allah is Free of Needs and Praiseworthy.

The appealing verses of the surah Taghabun state that Allah knows all the matters that happened between the heavens and the earth, and He also knows the secrets of hearts and whatever one conceals. Allah addresses all human beings and asks that you not read the stories of all the people who disobeyed Allah and got punished for their evil deeds.

Disbelievers claim that they wouldn’t be resurrected, but Allah refuted their claim by warning them that they would be indeed informed of what they have done in the temporary world. Then, Allah invited disbelievers to accept the existence and oneness of Allah and follow in the footsteps of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The Day of Resurrection is Inviteble.

The gleeful verses of the surah Taghabun demonstrate that Allah will gather all human beings, and this day would be the day of win or defeat for all of them. Allah will forgive those who believe in Allah and do good deeds. These pious people would enter paradise’s gardens, which would be a considerable achievement.

People who rejected the messenger of Allah would be entered into hellfire, which is a terrifying place to stay. So, all of you should obey Allah’s messengers, and if you don’t, then Allah’s prophet’s only responsibility is to warn you.

Some Of Your Spouses and children are Enemies to You.

In verse 14 of the surah Taghabun, Allah warns the believers that some of their spouses and children are a test for them; they are their enemies, so they should be aware of them. You should be fearful of Allah and spend your wealth in the way of Allah. If you spend your wealth in the way of Allah, then Allah will give the best reward for this and will forgive your sins. Allah knows which is seen and unseen.

Surah Taghabun 3 Benefits

Surah Taghabun is a gleeful and amazing surah of the Holy Quran and is famous among Muslims for the splendid benefits of its recitation.

  • Surah Taghabun recitation is recommended to find a suitable match for yourself.
  • To protect yourself from the torment of the grave.
  • To protect yourself from all types of disasters, and to get financial prosperity.


The recitation of surah Taghabun is suggested to set your heart at peace in all circumstances and to have a shield against the torment of the grave and the world hereafter.

The phrase “Yawm-Al-Taghabun” is used in the Holy Quran by Allah to call it the “Day of Judgement.”

Surah Taghabun pdf is the 64th chapter of the Holy Quran in the 28th para.


Surah Taghabun is the 64th chapter of the Holy Quran, comprising and 242 words. The central theme of surah Taghabun revolves around the invitation of disbelievers to accept Allah’s oneness, warning those who persist in their disbelief and good news to those who believe in Allah’s power and glory. The excessive recitation of surah Taghabun provides numerous advantages to its reciter.

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