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Introduction to Surah Tahrim PDF

Surah Tahrim is the 66th chapter in the 28th Para of the Holy Quran. This Medinan Surah was revealed during a particularly significant moment in the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This surah discusses eternal truths as well as refers to personal events in the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) life. Surah Tahrim PDF consists of 2 Ruku, 12 Verses, and 254 words.

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Meanings of Surah Tahrim

Surah At Tahrim is also named “The Prohibition”. It refers to a situation in which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) vowed to refrain from honey consumption as a result of an argument with one of his wives. Allah gently corrects him for forcing something that Allah had declared permissible on himself. Moreover, the contents of this surah go beyond this episode. The importance of justice and avoiding actions that displease Allah are quoted in this Surah Tahrim. It explains how one’s deeds affect him in his present life and future life. In this Surah, there are also stories of historical persons like Pharaoh’s wives and Lot nation which highlight the contrast between skepticism and faith.

Benefits of Surah Tahrim

This Surah holds tremendous benefits in a person’s life. Some of these benefits are as follows:

Sense of Responsibility: This surah reminds us of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) personal life and the responsibilities in the position of influence or leadership.

Happy Marital Life: Those women who are losing happiness in their marital life should read the Surah Tahrim PDF after every obligatory prayer. Recite Durood Sharif 3 times and then 21 times Surah Tahrim and 3 times Durood Sharif. It will help them to gain happiness with their spouse.

Women Empowerment: This surah tells us the stories of the strong women who stood firm in their belief despite difficult circumstances. It serves as a testament and an inspiration to the strength and importance of believing women in the narrative of faith.

Realization: Surah Tahrim explains the significance of seeking forgiveness from Allah. It mentions the story of Prophet Adam (PBUH) which reminds us that repentance and seeking forgiveness is an important component of our faith.

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It addresses an incident with the Prophet, gives lessons from the lives of specific women related to prophets, and emphasizes repentance and the Day of Judgement.

Obedience to God is paramount, righteousness is a personal responsibility, and the importance of repentance and awareness of the Hereafter.

It warns two of the Prophet’s wives about acting against him, reminding them of the divine and angelic support he has.

It was revealed in response to an incident where Prophet Muhammad prohibited something lawful for himself due to a situation with his wives.


Surah Tahrim is very profound in meaning which centers on an incident in Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) life. It serves as a universal reminder of personal responsibility, righteousness, and the importance of faith. Different stories of past events remind us of the value of transgression and righteousness. Furthermore, the Surah Tahrim pdf emphasizes the consequences of a person’s actions and the mercy of Allah for those who seek forgiveness.

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