Wake Up Dua (Neend se Uthne Ki Dua) | Urdu & English

The phrase “wake-up dua” describes an Islamic worship or request that is said as soon as one wakes up. Reciting Dua before sleep and after waking up is a custom that has its roots in thanking Allah for giving us each day and asking for His protection and wisdom.

Dua for Waking up with Urdu Translation

Dua for waking up with urdu translation

Wake up Dua with English Translation

wake up dua with english translation

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Why Should We Recite Wakeup Dua?

The wake up dua has multiple benefits when recited. It conveys appreciation and recognition, highlights reliance on the Almighty, asks for defense, establishes a good mood for the day, and promotes a constant connection to God during everyday existence.

When to Recite Wakeup Dua

Repeating the waking up dua as soon as you wake up in the early hours of the day is advised. This Sunnah expresses thankfulness to the Lord and asks for His blessings, to start the day on an optimistic and religious note.

How to Recite Wake up dua?

The wake-up dua when recited means “All praise is for Allah who gave us life after having taken it from us and unto Him is the resurrection.” It is advised to read it as soon as you wake up, with awareness of its definition, purpose, and present mental state.


Wake-up dua is a prayer that we read in the morning to have another day of life from our creator.

We should recite this dua early morning immediately after we wake up or leave our bed.

The simplest way to recite this is to learn it by heart.


In conclusion, the wake-up prayer is an Islamic prayer that shows thankfulness, pleading for defense, and cultivating an ongoing relationship with Allah. Reciting it first thing in the morning helps one get started every day optimistically and religiously. For a more comprehensive morning supplication, one can include the specific ‘Morning Dua’ expressing gratitude, seeking protection, and seeking guidance as an integral part of the daily spiritual routine.

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