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Introduction to Surah Fil PDF

The magnificent Quranic chapter “Surah Fil” beautified the 30th Para. According to the classification of the Holy Quran, it is assumed to be a Meccan surah. Surah Fil pdf is the review of the 105th chapter of the Holy Quran. The Surah Fil contains 1 Ruku, 5 verses, 23 words, and 96 letters. The advantages of reciting Surah Fil are huge. This Surah consists of an interrogative form.

Surah Fil Read Online

Surah Fil Read Online

Meaning of Surah Fil

With its name derived from the phrase “Army of the Elephant”, this Surah refers to the well-known historical incident that took place in the year of the birth of the holy Prophet (S), when Allah defended the Kaaba from an attack by an army of pagan invaders who rode in from Yemen on the backs of elephants with the intention of destroying it.

This Surah recounts the remarkable occurrence that many Meccans still recall because it happened not too long ago. Recalling it serves as a reminder to the haughty, conceited pagan population that they are powerless to stop Allah’s power, who destroyed that vast army of elephants by using tiny birds to pelt them with “small stones of petrified clay,” and who can punish these obstinate oppressors as well. Both their fighting force and their tools were identical to those of Abrahah. To put it another way, they were so haughty despite having witnessed the tragedy firsthand.

Benefits of Surah Fil PDF

Surah Al-Fil holds a special place in Islamic tradition, not only for its historical significance but also for the profound rewards and blessings it brings to those who recite it in their obligatory prayers. Additionally, checking out Surah Al-Jathiya can help understand more about these special rewards.

Divine Promise and Rewards

The profound significance of Surah Fil pdf extends beyond its historical narrative. It is believed that reciting this Surah during obligatory prayers carries immense rewards and blessings for the believers. The hadith narrates that on the Day of Judgment, the land, mountains, and even clods of dirt will bear witness for the one who recites Surah Al-Fil regularly in their prayers. These natural elements will testify that the individual was among the prayerful believers, paving their way to divine acceptance.

The Struggle Against Arrogance

Arrogance is a dangerous trait that distances individuals from divine blessings. Surah Al-Fil serves as a powerful tool to help believers overcome arrogance and pride. Reflecting on Abraha’s failed expedition and Allah’s intervention, one can learn to relinquish arrogance, recognizing that true power and authority lie only with the Almighty.

The Journey to Humility

Beyond the promise of rewards, the practice of reciting Surah Al-Fil has a transformative impact on an individual’s spiritual journey. Its verses serve as a reminder of the humbling power of Allah, who, with His infinite might, protects His house despite the perceived invincibility of the enemy’s forces.

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The benefits of Surah Fil include protection from enemies and negative forces, seeking help from Allah in times of difficulty, and fostering trust in divine intervention.

Surah Fil talks about the incident of the people of the elephant and how Allah protected the Kaaba in Mecca from their attack by sending flocks of birds that pelted them with stones.

The power of Surah Fil lies in its historical account of divine intervention and protection. It reminds believers of Allah’s might and His ability to protect what is sacred. The story illustrates the concept of divine retribution and how Allah can thwart even the most powerful and well-equipped armies through unconventional means.

For Muslims, reciting Surah Fil, like any other chapter of the Holy Quran, is a means of drawing closer to Allah, seeking His guidance, and gaining spiritual benefits. They believe that reflecting on the stories and messages contained in the Quran can provide comfort, strength, and faith in times of difficulty or adversity.

Surah Al-Fil is in the 30th Juz (Juz’ Amma) of the Quran. Surah al Fil is the fifth Surah in the 30th Juz, making it a part of the concluding section of the Quran, which is frequently recited by Muslims in their daily prayers.


The Surah Fil pdf recounts a historical event known as the “Year of the Elephant,” when Abraha, the Abyssinian ruler, attempted to destroy the Kaaba in Mecca with the help of a large army and an elephant. However, divine intervention occurred, and Allah sent birds (Ababil) carrying stones, which destroyed the invading army. The Surah emphasizes the significance of faith and trust in God’s sovereignty. Surah Quraish, a related chapter, also underscores Allah’s blessings and serves as a reminder of His care for the Quraish tribe during their trade journeys.

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