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Introduction to Surah Jinn PDF

Surah Jinn is a Meccan surah of the Holy Quran, focusing on the theme of Jinn’s invisible creature of Allah. It is the 72nd chapter of the Holy Quran in para 29. It comprises 2 ruku28 verses, 286 words, and 1109 letters.

Surah Jinn commenced by highlighting that a group of jinns heard the recitation of the Holy Quran and embraced Islam. Then, this surah discusses the ignorance of the disbelievers who rejected the messages of Allah and the attributes of Allah. Surah Jinn pdf’s recitation is known for shielding its reciter from the evil of jinns.

Meaning of Surah Jinn

Surah Jinn pdf is a gleeful surah of the Holy Quran discussing a unique subject of Jinns. Jinns are the creation of Allah and are invisible to the human eye. Surah Jinn’s verses warn the disbelievers of the destructive consequences of their sins and remind us that Allah is one and the Lord of the fantastic universe.

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Benefits of Surah Jinn

Surah Jin pdf is a well-known chapter of the Holy Quran in para 29. Its recitation has a magical impact on its reciter’s life and teaches many important lessons to improve our life. The recitation of surah Jinn is recommended to get protection from the evils of Jinns.

In a hadith, Imam Jaffar Sadiq narrated that.

“If one repeatedly recites surah Jinn, it protects us from the evils of Jinns. Moreover, the reciter of this surah will be with Prophet Muhammad SAW on the day of Judgement. ”

Surah jinn recitation is also suggested for prisoners to get an early release from jail and eliminate poverty at home. Surah jinn recitation is also beneficial to get relief from illness. So, we must recite this blissful surah quite often.

You can read also read various different chapters of the Holy Quran for many benefits. Read the benefits of Surah Qadr, Surah Rahman, and Surah Muzammil here.

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Surah Jinn is in the 29th Para of the Holy Quran.

It is believed that Jinns listened to the surah Ahqaf(29-32 verses) during the journey of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) toward Taif.

Many verses of the Holy Quran and Hadiths confirm the existence of Jinns. The Quran reveals that jinns are created of smokeless fire.

The easiest way to remember Surah Jinn is to divide its verses into two groups, then memorize them.


Surah Jinn pdf is the 72nd chapter of the Holy and is classified as a Meccan surah. The spell-binding verses of the surah Jinn confirm the existence of jinns in the world. The spell-binding verses explain Allah’s power and glory, the importance of seeking guidance from Allah and implementing the golden rules of Islam in our lives.

 Its verses state that Allah knows each and everything, whether it is visible or invisible. Surah Jinn’s verses state that jinns are of two kinds, evil and pious, just like human beings. The jinns obedient to Allah are on the righteous path, and those disobedient will fuel hellfire.

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