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JUZ (PARA)12-13

Introduction to Surah Yusuf PDF

Surah Yusuf (Joseph) is a famous Surah of the Holy Quran that has earned a special place in the hearts of all Muslims worldwide because of its unique and beautiful lessons. Surah Yusuf PDF is a Meccan (Makki) surah as it was revealed upon Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH during His stay at Mecca. It is a comparatively long surah with 111 verses, 12 rukus, 1961 words, and 7207 letters.

Surah Yusuf in Which Para?

Surah Yusuf is in the 12 and 13 Para of the Holy Quran. The central theme of the Surah Yusuf revolves around the surprising life story of the Holy Prophet Yusuf (AS). This blissful Surah shows us the love of Allah for His Prophet Yusuf.  It teaches us various crucial lessons that guide us throughout our lives to be successful.

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First Section of the Surah Yusuf PDF – Story of Prophet Yusuf (AS)

As you can see in the Surah Yusuf PDF, the first section of this Yusuf surah commences with the attributions of the Holy Book of Allah. The verses of the Holy Book Quran are evident and transparent to the believers; there is no ambiguity in its messages. Its language is Arabic so Arab people can understand it quite easily. Allah has told us many stories through the Quran so that we can learn important lessons. Indeed, we don’t know those stories before.

When Prophet Yusuf (AS) told his father, I saw in my dream that eleven stars, the sun, and the moon were prostrating me. His father advised him not to share this dream with his brothers. His father feared that His brothers might cause danger to Him. Satan is the worst enemy of humankind.

Prophet Yusuf (AS) told him that Allah had chosen him to interpret his dreams wisely and had showered blessings upon him. Surah Yusuf PDF tells us that, Indeed, one can learn many lessons from the story of Prophet Yusuf (AS) and his brothers. Brothers of Prophet Yusuf (AS) told each other that our father deeply loves Prophet Yusuf (AS) and his brother even though we deserve his love more as a whole group.

Planning of Prophet Yusuf’s (AS) Brothers

They decided to kill Prophet Yusuf (AS) and spare his body in a distant place; they thought that after the death of Prophet Yusuf (AS), they would be able to seek the full attention of their father.  One of them said that we don’t need to kill him; rather than this, we can throw him into a distant well. Some anonymous travelers will pick him up and take him with them.

The following day, they told his father that they wanted to take Prophet Yusuf (AS) outside the village so that he could enjoy and play. Their father refused, but they said they would care for him well. So, they took him away and threw him in the well.

The Message of Allah to Prophet Yusuf (AS)

Prophet Yusuf (AS) was frightened, and Allah comforted him by telling him that one day, he would remind them of this deed, and they would be unaware of him.

The Lie of Prophet Yusuf’s (AS) Brothers

His brothers returned to their father and started crying. They said we went to the race and left Prophet Yusuf (AS) with our belongings. When we returned, we saw that a wolf had eaten him up.

They brought his torn shirt stained with false blood. His father knew of their evil nature, so he didn’t trust them. He said I could only endure with beautiful patience. After some time, some travelers passed by the well and took him out of the well. They sell him to a man from Egypt for a low price.

Story of Prophet Yusuf (AS) and Zulaikha

Yusuf Surah demonstrates that later, the man who bought him said to his wife take good care of this child; we may adopt him as our son. When Prophet Yusuf (AS) grew up, Allah gave him knowledge and maturity. The lady where he was residing tried to seduce him. She locked all the doors and urged Prophet Yusuf (AS) to sin. Prophet Yusuf (AS) replied that Allah is his refuge and can’t betray his master, who cared for him well.

Prophet Yusuf (AS) ran towards the door to escape this humiliating situation, and the doors get opened by the will of Allah. The lady tore Prophet Yusuf’s (AS) shirt. They found the lady’s husband at the door. The lady starts to pretend she is innocent and puts the whole blame on Prophet Yusuf (AS). She asked what the punishment is for the person who broke your trust and kept evil eyes on your wife.

A family member told his husband that if Prophet Yusuf’s (AS) shirt was torn from the front, she was telling the truth. But if Joseph’s shirt was torn from the back, then she was telling a lie. On examination, the man found that Prophet Yusuf’s (AS) shirt is torn from the back. So, she said to his wife that it was your cunning.

The Beauty of Prophet Yusuf (AS)

Surah Yusuf PDF states that some city women gossiped that the chief minister’s wife had fallen in love with his slave boy. When she heard this gossip, she called all of them to a party at her house. She put a knife in front of all of them, along with fruits, and asked Prophet Yusuf (AS) to come in front of them. They all cut their fingers after seeing his beauty.

Second Section of the Surah Yusuf PDF

How Prophet Yusuf (AS) Became the King of Egypt

This section of the Surah Yusuf PDF tells us about his imprisonment and becoming the king of Egypt. After refusing the offers from the lady, Prophet Yusuf (AS) was put in jail for a long time. In prison, Prophet Yusuf (AS) started to tell people the authentic interpretations of their dreams.

One day the king of Egypt, who was the master of Prophet Yusuf (AS), he has dreamt that seven fat cows were eaten up by the skinny cows, and the seven green ears of grains and seven others dry.

The king had heard about a man in jail who interpreted the dreams smartly. The king called Prophet Yusuf (AS) and asked him to explain his dream’s proper interpretation. Prophet Yusuf (AS) explained to him the accurate understanding of the dream. After some time, King’s wife accepted that she was a mistake and Prophet Yusuf (AS) was a man of truth.

Surah Yusuf PDF explains that after the truth came to the scene, the king told Prophet Yusuf (AS) you are highly esteemed and fully trusted by us. Prophet Yusuf (AS) proposes to hire him as in charge of storehouses on the land. In this way, Allah gave respect to Prophet. Prophet Yusuf’s (AS) brother came to him, and he recognized them, but they were unaware of him. Prophet Yusuf (AS) asked them to bring their father and father’s side brother next time to get the supplies. He also returned their money.

Prophet Yusuf’s (AS) brothers asked his father to send their brother with them, but he refused and said I couldn’t trust you about him. However, their father agreed to send their brother with them and prayed for them. When they reached the city, Prophet Yusuf (AS) called his brother Benjamin and told him I am your brother.

Surah Yusuf PDF states that Prophet Yusuf (AS) kept his brother Benjamin with himself by planning something extraordinary. They asked Prophet Yusuf (AS) to release their brother as their father is an older man, and he can’t bear this grief. But Prophet Yusuf (AS) disagreed and asked them to bring their father before him. They went to Father and asked him to confront the king.

Prophet Yusuf’s (AS) father was heartbroken after listening to all the stories. He had not forgotten his lost son till now; he was blind. When they returned to the King of Egypt Prophet Yusuf (AS) and asked him for mercy upon them, Prophet Yusuf (AS) replied you forget all that you have done with Prophet Yusuf (AS). Then, they came to know about Prophet Yusuf (AS) and said Allah had preferred you over us.

The Miracle of Prophet Yusuf (AS)

Prophet Yusuf (AS) forgives and asks them to take his shirt and cast it into his father’s eyes; he will regain his sight. They came all along with their father to Prophet Yusuf (AS). When they were in the middle of the way, their father Jacob said he could feel Prophet Yusuf’s (AS) smell. Their father, Jacob, met his lost son after a long time and said to his sons don’t I tell you that I can feel the presence of Prophet Yusuf (AS) around me.

Prophet Yusuf (AS) told his father this was the accurate interpretation of his dreams. These are the stories of the unseen that Allah had revealed, and most of them don’t believe these stories. People who bring others equal to Allah in worship are at a permanent loss until they correct themselves.

Surah Yusuf PDF states that Allah had sent Prophets to all the societies to guide people. People don’t get lessons from those Allah has destroyed for their ignorance. But Allah will love those who submit themselves to his will. These stories are a lesson for those who understand.

Lessons from Surah Yusuf PDF

Every Surah in the Holy Quran teaches us great lessons for living a prosperous life not only here in this world but after this world as well. Surah Rahman, Surah Kahf, and Surah Yaseen are the best to quote here. Similarly in Surah Yusuf PDF, you can see there are many lessons.

  • Surah Yusuf pdf teaches us true dreams, and their interpretations are a gift from Allah.
  • Righteous people will achieve success in both worlds. 
  • It reminds us that it is essential to be fair in every aspect of life, and we should be thankful to Allah for His countless blessings.

I have also shared the Surah Yusuf PDF with Urdu and English translations for your convenience.

Benefits of Reading Surah Yusuf PDF

Surah Yusuf is enriched in its messages it teaches us numerous fundamental life skills and facts. It also leaves a magical impact on its reciter. This blissful surah purifies your soul and strengthens you to stand firm against evil. It is also considered best to recite surah Yusuf for financial freedom and prosperity.
Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH said:

“Whoever discusses Surah Yusuf will acquire abundance from Allah however much he needs for his family and youngsters; on top of that, he will have an excess (benefit) over it.”


It is also beneficial for the patient with depression to recite it daily. It also protects your children from any danger. So, we must read surah Yusuf to get close to Allah and for other benefits.

Download Surah Yusuf PDF With Urdu and English Translation

I have shared a precise review of Surah Yusuf but I would suggest you download Surah Yusuf PDF in any language you are aware of. I have shared PDFs of the Surah in Arabic with Urdu and English language so that you can read and understand by yourself in detail.


This blissful tells us the life history of the Prophet Yusuf, who his brother deceived. Then, Allah honored him by making him the king of Egypt, where he was once sold as an enslaved person.

Surah Yusuf teaches us to be patient at challenging times, as Allah helps those who stand firm and trust him in difficult times. It also teaches us to appreciate Allah’s blessings.

Wolves are the animals who have been mentioned in the surah Yusuf.


Surah Yusuf is the Meccan surah, consisting of 111 verses and 12 rukus. Its central theme revolves around the life history of Prophet Yusuf. It teaches us various significant lessons to spend our lives according to the will of Allah. It teaches us to stay strong during hard times. Brothers of Prophet Yusuf threw him in the well to keep him away from his father. He was sold as an enslaved person in the market of Egypt. Then, times changed, and Allah made him the king of Egypt. The story of the Prophet Yusuf has lessons for those who understand.

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