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Introduction of Surah Araf

Surah Al A’raf, also called “The Heights” is the 7th chapter of the Holy Quran. This Meccan Surah is in Para 8-9 and consists of 206 verses, Ruku, and words. Surah Araf pdf presents several intertwined themes and was revealed at the same time as that of Surah Anam.

Allah Almighty tells us not to doubt the Holy Quran in this Surah. It also tells that different cities were destroyed because of their people’s disbelief. Surah Araf narrates the story of Adam and the refusal of Satan to obey him. It also narrates the stories of Noah, Hud, Salih, Shuaib, and Moses.

Meaning of Surah Araf

The meanings of the Surah Araf pdf revolve around the message of Allah Almighty and the Human response to it. It is named after the barriers or the heights that divide heaven from hell. It illustrates the stories of past prophets, their struggles in their communities, and the eventual benefits for those who believed in the truth.

Past prophets’ stories reinforce the importance of obeying the divine commandments and the perils of arrogance and denial. This Surah also highlights the Day of Judgment. The depiction of “The Heights” represents that people whose good and bad deeds are equal will be uncertain between Heaven and Hell.


  • Surah Araf serves many blessings and rewards to people who recite it. Some of these benefits are as follows:
  • Barrier against Satan on the Day of Judgement: The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Said that Allah will set a barrier between the person who recites Syrah Araf and Satan on the day of Judgement (Mustadrak al-Wasail, vol. 4, p. 339).
  • Safety from wild animals and enemies: Reciting this surah protects one from enemies and also from wild animals.
  • Moral Enrichment: Surah Araf pdf serves as a compass for morality. It encourages readers to refine and introspect their choices and behaviors.

Download Surah Araf with Translations

Surah Araf PDF in Arabic

Surah Araf PDF in Arabic

Surah Araf PDF in Arabic


Surah Araf is the most explaining surah regarding the beginning of formation and disclosing the forecasts concerning the day of judgment, ’s start tells us how Satan deceived our ancestors and made them leave heaven and that Satan is our enemy.

The true meaning of Araf is “The Heights”. This meaning is taken as an explanation of a long curtain between heaven and hell.

Surah Araf describes the treaty connecting the Almighty and Humanity in which we all humans were present as eyewitnesses to the oneness of the Almighty, his power, and the afterworld.

There are 54 pages of Surah Araf.

The name of this surah is taken from verses 46 and 47 that remark Araf.

The routine recitation of surah Araf makes a strong fence for humans against Satan.


Surah Al Araf pdf is a profound chapter of the Holy Quran. It interlaces the different stories of past prophets with the theme of human accountability, divine guidance, and moral choices. It also serves as a lesson on the consequences of denying or accepting the divine truth. Thus, surah nudges believers towards righteousness as well as helps them deeply understand their faith and moral choices.

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