Chand Dekhne Ki Dua (Dua for Moon Sighting) | Urdu & English

In Islam, Chand Dekhne Ki Dua or Dua for Moon Sighting is recited when one sees the new moon. It thanks Allah, asks for blessings, and recognizes the order of nature. This dua contains a request for safety, faith, security, and Islam. The Islamic moon months commence with the viewing of the new moon, and this is especially important for announcing the start of months such as Ramadan and Shawwal.

Chand Dekhne ki Dua with Urdu Translation

Chand Dekhne ki Dua with Urdu Translation

Prayer for Moon Sighting with English Translation

Chand dekhne ki dua with english translation

Download Prayer for Moon Sighting Image and MP3

Download Prayer for Moon Sighting MP3


  • Enhances one’s spiritual ties to Allah.
  • Shows appreciation for and recognition of Allah’s mercy.
  • Honors religious and cultural customs.
  • Seek blessings and protection.
  • Promotes consciousness and an understanding of the outside world.

How Many Times to Recite?

  • There is no set requirement for the number of times to recite the dua.
  • It can be said as soon as one sees the new moon, particularly at the start of every month of the year.
  • There is versatility in the recitation of it, and the frequency is up to the individual.

When to Recite?

  • Recite dua whenever you see the new moon, particularly at the start of each lunar month.
  • Every time one notices a crescent moon, they can recite it.
  • Think about reciting it on holidays like Eid or Ramadan that are connected to the lunar calendar.

Reference from Quran

This dua is obtained from Islamic traditions and is not specifically mentioned in the Quran.

  • It reflects the wider practice of supplications for a variety of occasions.
  • This dua may be found in collections of prayers like “Fortress of the Muslim,” though the exact wording may differ.
  • Since authenticity varies, it’s best to check with reliable sources and academics.


In conclusion, making this dua when you see the new moon is an optional, private act of prayer in Islam that acknowledges Allah’s presence within the lunar calendar expresses gratitude, and requests blessings.

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