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In our Islamic traditions, a prayer linked to the Prophet Yunus (Jonah) is called Dua of Yunus, or the Prayer of Jonah. It is related to the tale of Prophet Yunus, who pleaded to Allah for forgiveness and mercy while inside the belly of a whale. It is a potent and sincere prayer that Muslims frequently recite to express repentance and ask for mercy in trying times.

Dua of Yunus (A.S) with Urdu Translation

Dua of yunus with Urdu translation

Dua of Yunus (A.S) with English Translation

Dua of Yunus with English translation

Download Dua of Yunus Image and MP3

Download Dua of Yunus (A.S) MP3

Purpose of Reciting

  • Asking for pardon for sins and failings.
  • Looking to Allah for solace from adversity and support during trying times.
  • Understanding errors and showing regret.
  • Seeking the forgiveness and kindness of Allah.
  • Strengthening endurance and patience.
  • Making requests for comfort in many facets of life.

What is the Specialty of Dua of Yunus (A.S)?

  • Relates to the life of Prophet Yunus, highlighting the need for apology and compassion; Is called upon in difficult times, symbolizing the expectation of Allah’s assistance.
  • Admits that Allah is merciful among other things.
  • instructs dedication and kindness; • broadly suitable for a variety of situations.
  • Encourages a strong spiritual bond between Allah and the believer.

When Should We Read?

  • When pleading for pardon for transgressions and errors.
  • In times of distress, difficulties, and misfortunes.
  • In dire circumstances, like when there are health or financial problems.
  • Following the required prayers (Salah), particularly when making frequent requests.
  • There is a specific time during the last quarter of the night when prayers are answered.
  • In Islam, Friday is considered a blessed day.

References from Quran and Hadith

  • Quranic reference: the tale of Prophet Yunus is told in Surah Al-Saffat (37:139–1488).
  • There isn’t a single hadith that refers to the “Dua-e-Yunus.”
  • Several hadiths stress the importance of asking for forgiveness, confessing one’s sins, and praying when one is in a difficult situation.
  • The precise wording of the Dua-e-Yunus may originate from customs or non-Quranic sources and reliable hadith writings.


The most precious thing about dua e Yunus is that it was recited by Hazrat Yunus when he was in the belly of a whale. His difficulty was brought to an end by this dua.

Hazrat Yunus was the prophet of Allah.


The Dua of Yunus is a prayer based on the narrative of the Prophet Yunus’s penitence from inside the whale’s belly. It is connected to the Prophet Yunus (Jonah) in Islamic tradition. This prayer is notable for its focus on expressing repentance, switching to the Lord in need, and requesting forgiveness.

The prayer is frequently recited in hopes of receiving comfort, mercy, and direction. It is adaptable and applicable to a variety of life circumstances. The story of Prophet Yunus highlighted in Surah Yunus encourages believers to ask Allah for forgiveness (Astaghfirullah Dua) and develop a closer spiritual bond, even though the Quran and hadith do not state this in exact terms.

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