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The term Humbistari ki dua or Dua for Intercourse defines the Islamic prayers or appeals said both before and after a husband and wife have intimate contact. It highlights the holy and religious aspect of marriage, which is based on the teachings of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) Sunnah.

Humbistari ki Dua with Urdu and English Translation

Biwi k sath Humbistari ki dua with urdu and english translation

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Why should we read Dua for Intimate Relations?

Aside from obtaining blessings from Allah, reciting this prayer expresses gratitude, keeps desires pure, asks for security from Satan, adheres to the Sunnah, develops religious faith, and fosters awareness and loved intimacy among partners.

When to read Dua for Intercourse?

This dua should not be recited at any time. It is advised that such prayers should be recited both before and after having an intimate relationship with the goal of highlighting how religious beliefs can be incorporated into everyday life and creating a link between actions and the spiritual realm. Before taking a bath for purification, reciting another Dua which is Dua for Ghusl is crucial, emphasizing how religious beliefs can be incorporated into everyday life.


Although the Quran and Hadith do not contain only one dua that is specifically prescribed for this reason, it is advisable to say “Bismillah” before engaging in sexual activity, to recite a dua asking Allah to shield you from Shatan, to express thankfulness with “Alhamdulillah” soon after you have done something, and to recite a dua asking Allah to bless your marriage and children. The focus is on acting in a way that is consistent with Islamic teachings and being sincere.


It’s crucial to understand that everyone’s view of the advantages will differ and fall inside the framework of the teachings of Islam. When implementing these beliefs into their lives, people are advised to get direction from expert spiritual leaders, as the truthfulness of one’s intent is an important component in reaping the rewards.


Individuals should make a dua before intimate relationships to seek the blessings of Allah and to have humble children.

Yes, it is compulsory to take a bath or ghusal after having a sexual relationship.

No, it is not necessary to recite Humbistari ki dua by both partners but to attain the goodwill of the Almighty, both of them should read it.


In conclusion, the Islamic tradition of reading dua ahead of and following sexual encounters aims to uphold the message of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), express affection, incorporate religious beliefs into the marriage, and ask for the mercy of Allah. It’s a method of approaching married life’s secrets mindfully and with consideration for Islamic principles.

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