Dua for Shifa | Best Dua for Healing According to the Quran

Dua for healing (Shifa), which is a religious practice with strong roots in Islam. The goal of this type of prayer is to communicate with Allah to seek optimal health and wellness.

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Dua for shifa with english translation

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There are several religious and psychological advantages of reciting this dua. It is believed that making requests can help one develop a close spiritual relationship, grow in faith, find comfort, and overcome difficulties. It is underlined that this approach enhances real-world initiatives for well-being in general.

Time to Read

The most appropriate moments to recite dua include the periods of sickness, on Fridays, the final segment of the night, fasting, and special occasions such as Laylat al-Qadr as highlighted in Surah Qadr. These are the best times to offer real prayers, according to tradition. It is said that if we read dua at these times, there are minimal chances of getting sick for the whole year.


Ayat al-Shifa is cited in the Quran (17:82) and a frequently read verse for recovery. This is one of the references of dua for healing(shifa). There are also several requests from the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) that are mentioned, which reflects the rich custom of requesting healing via particular prayers.


Yes, Shifa Dua requests Almighty Allah to heal every injury and illness.

We should recite dua for healing (shifa) along with proper rest and medication


Dua for Shifa” is the name given to a prayer or request for health and wellness. Muslims frequently read particular prayers to invoke Allah’s forgiveness and good fortune to heal and recover from diseases.

These meditations referred to as dua for healing (shifa), acknowledge Allah as the supreme provider of healingĀ and convey the individual’s dependence on His ability to bestow well-being and health. With genuine faith and sincerity, believers can recite these prayers, asking God to intervene and restore their bodily and spiritual well-being, mirroring the essence found in ‘Dua e Ganjul Arsh,’ where believers call upon God’s treasures for intervention and restoration.

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