Dua for Forgiveness (Astaghfirullah Dua) | Meaning | Benefits

Dua for Forgiveness or Astaghfirullah is a dua of great importance in Islam, signifying a genuine request for Allah’s pardon. The meaning of Astaghfirullah is “I seek forgiveness from Allah“. It captures the spirit of apology by admitting the sins of humans and pleading with God for compassion and forgiveness. To dig deeper into admitting sins and seeking forgiveness, you can explore Surah Taubah, which provides insights into repentance and seeking Allah’s mercy.

Astaghfirullah Dua with Urdu Translation

Astaghfirullah Dua (Dua for Forgiveness)  with urdu translation

Dua for Forgiveness with English Translation

Astaghfirullah Dua (Dua for Forgiveness) with english translation

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  • Repentance: This is the act of admitting our faults and requesting the Lord for pardon.
  • Divine sterilization: Facilitates peace of mind and soul cleansing.
  • Relationship to Allah: Retains a close relationship with Allah, highlighting reliance on divine kindness.


  • Pardon of wrong deeds: It is said that astaghfirullah dua washes the sins like water.
  • Divine Purification: Encourages improving yourself and purifies the inner being.
  • Internal Happiness: Provides relief and a feeling of calmness.
  • Shielding oneself from results: Provides defense against the damaging impacts of mistakes.
  • Building up the Link: Encourages thankfulness and modesty, fortifying the relationship with the Almighty.
  • Enhanced Attention: Promotes self analysis and a knowledge of one’s behavior.

Recommended Times to Recite

  • Following Worship: Following all five prayers every day.
  • The final third of the night: That is a dedicated period for prayer and regrets of sins.
  • Fridays: Regarded as a day of blessings in Islam. Furthermore, Engage in the recitation of Surah Rahman on Fridays to enhance the spiritual significance of this blessed day.
  • In Times of Distress: When faced with obstacles, hardships, or crises.
  • Following the Commitment of a Sin: Immediately following the recognition and admission of error.


It is important to read Astaghfar dua on Fridays because Friday is a very blessed day and Almighty pardons us for our sins.

No, there is no specific time for reciting dua for forgiveness. We can recite it at any time.

It means that “I seek forgiveness from Allah for all my sins and I have regretted them”.


Muslims read “Astaghfirullah” to deepen their relationship with Allah, cleanse their souls, and find comfort in difficult times. The fundamental journey of faith and searching for mercy, cultivating peace within the soul, and striving for a life of virtue and righteousness is encapsulated in this short but impactful phrase.

In Islam, reciting “Astaghfirullah” daily fosters spiritual development, mindfulness, and a never-ending endeavor to lead a moral life in addition to serving as a way of asking for reconciliation.

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