Pehle Ashry ki Dua | 1st Ashra Dua | Read & Download

Pehla ashra” is the term used to describe the initial 10 days of Ramadan. Muslims frequently concentrate on pleading with Allah for mercy during these ten days. Although there isn’t a set dua (supplication) for every Ashra, many Muslims repeat this dua during the first ten days of Ramadan.

Pehle Ashry ki Dua
Pehle Ashry ki Dua MP3

This dua for Ramadan is a broad request for kindness, forgiveness, and turning from oneself to Allah in repentance. Muslims strive to boost their acts of worship, such as prayers, reciting the Quran, and deeds of kindness and charity, in the initial ten days of Ramadan and during the entire month.

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