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It is customary in Islamic customs to recite “Sone Ki Dua” before sleeping. This dua is meant to thank Allah and ask for protection from harm and disturbances during the night. This dua represents the Islamic idea of seeking Allah’s guidance and mercy in all facets of life, including the hours of rest and sleep, and is said to bring spiritual benefits and protection before bed.

Sone ki Dua with Urdu Translation

Sone ki Dua with Urdu Translation

Sone ki Dua in English Translation

Sone ki Dua with English Translation

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Benefits of Reciting Dua for Sleeping

In Islam, there are spiritual and psychological advantages to reciting certain duas before bed, which are based on asking Allah for protection and guidance. Here are a few possible advantages:

Seeking Protection

Performing a dua before going to bed frequently involves pleading with Allah to keep one safe from harm, including that which is unseen, nightmares, and malevolent creatures. This fosters a dependence on Allah’s benevolence and safeguarding.

Peace of Mind

Reciting particular prayers can help to bring about mental calm. A more peaceful and quiet night’s sleep can be facilitated by remembering and supplicating to Allah.

Relationship to Allah

Saying the dua before bed helps you stay in close contact with Allah. It is a time for introspection, confession, and pleading for pardon for whatever transgressions of the day.

Spiritual Routine

Including duas in your nightly routine helps you develop a regular spiritual practice schedule. It functions as a prompt to reaffirm one’s faith and emphasize the significance of turning to Allah in all facets of life.

Protection from Nightmares

A few duas ask for particular defense against unsettling dreams and nightmares. This may help ensure a more tranquil and restful night’s sleep devoid of disturbing dreams.

Time to Recite Dua

There is no specific period of time in Islam set aside just for saying the dua before sleeping It is advised, nevertheless, to say a few prayers and supplications before turning in for the night. This is a part of creating a daily routine that involves remembering and asking Allah for guidance and protection at the end of the day.


It is crucial to remember that although certain prayers have suggested timings, people are free to recite dua for sleeping whenever it is most convenient for them. Establishing a regular practice of remembering and asking Allah for protection and guidance before turning in for the night is crucial.

It is noteworthy that the advantages of dua surpass instantaneous, palpable results. Prayer and supplication, according to Muslims, are acts of worship and obedience to Allah, and they have great spiritual benefits that help people live more fully and purposefully.

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