Morning Dua (Subah Ki Dua) | Morning Prayer in Islam

In Islam, prayers known as “Dua, or supplications, are performed to thank Allah and ask for his blessings, defense, and direction. By reciting Morning Dua, people can begin their days with a connection to their faith and an understanding of their reliance on Allah by saying these prayers.

Morning Dua with Urdu Translation

Morning Dua with urdu translation

Morning Prayer (Dua) with English Translation

Morning Dua with english translation

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Download Morning Prayer MP3

Examples of Morning Prayers

These duas may consist of things like expressing thanks for a fresh day, asking for safety, admitting one’s reliance on the Almighty, and reading passages from the Holy Quran. “Alhamdulillah,” “Bismillah,” and particular prayers for direction and shielding are frequently used expressions.

Importance of Reciting

In Islam, saying the morning prayer is significant for a number of factors, including: expressing appreciation and acknowledging Allah’s blessings.

  • Relying on Allah for safety and direction.
  • Building and maintaining a mystical bond.
  • Looking for defense against danger and evil.
  • Make a goal for the day that is constructive.
  • Asking for leniency and compassion.

When to Recite Morning Prayer (Dua)

Although there isn’t a fixed moment to perform morning prayers, they are usually performed following the pre-dawn prayer known as Fajar. Morning duas, on the other hand, can be recited in the early hours of the day. The important thing is to make this a daily habit so that one begins each morning with admiration and asks Allah for guidance. If you’re looking for a specific dua to recite upon waking up, you may find the ‘Wake Up Dua‘ helpful in starting your day with a prayerful spirit.


To summarize, the act of reading morning duas is an important part of Islamic rituals. It gives believers a way to thank Allah, ask for divine guidance, and set up beneficial goals for the day, all while putting their trust in His security and direction.

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