Ghar se Nikalne ki Dua (Dua before Leaving Home)

Muslims recite this “Ghar Se Nikalne Ki Dua” before leaving the house to ask Allah for protection and blessings. If someone is about to start a journey then he/she can also recite Dua for Traveling after Dua before leaving home.

The benefits that capture the spirit of obedience and the intent while allowing the security of one’s home are mentioned in the article. In general, the Islamic custom of reciting a dua before going outside has a summary of its religious significance.

Ghar se Nikalne ki Dua With Urdu Translation

Ghar se nikalne ki dua with urdu translation

Dua before Leaving Home with English Translation

Ghar se nikalne ki dua with english translation

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Advantages of Recitation

  • There are religious, emotional, and social advantages of reciting prayers and religious passages. 
  • These advantages include community building, religious association, concentration, safety, mental relaxation, and thankfulness.
  • It may help promote self-control, moral direction, and an organized way of living.

Frequency of Readings

  • There is no set number, one must say it before leaving the house.
  • Some individuals might only say it once, while others might say it several times to their satisfaction.
  • Honesty, motive, and strengthening one’s relationship with Allah are the main points of emphasis in the dua.

Purpose of Reciting Dua before Leaving

  • The objective of reciting this dua before leaving is to ask Allah for defense, direction, and blessings before going outside.
  • It establishes objectives in Allah’s name, recognizes reliance on Him, and encourages a sense of spirituality.
  • This habit encourages thankfulness and a closer relationship with Allah.


In conclusion, saying a dua before departing home is an Islamic way of life that represents putting confidence in Allah, asking for His assurance, and incorporating belief into one’s everyday activities. The advantages encompass mental wellness, spiritual enlightenment, and communal solidarity.

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