Learn How to Recite Dua After Eating Food | English & Urdu

After eating, it is a tradition in Islam to recite a dua known as Dua after Eating, or prayer. Making a dua is the method to thank God for the meals that were eaten.

Dua After Eating with Urdu and English Translation

Dua after eating with urdu and english translation

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Significance of This Dua

  • This dua’s main goal is to show gratitude, and it recognizes Allah as the greatest source of nourishment.
  • This dua encourages an emotion of reliance on the Creator and mindful living when consuming food.
  • This habit gives the everyday service of consuming food an Islamic dimension it emphasizes one’s position as a Muslim and strengthens the relationship with one’s faith.

References in The Glow of Hadith and Quran

  • The precise language of the dua is taken from genuine hadiths rather than the Quran.
  • One instance is found in Sahih Muslim, a compendium of the Prophet Muhammad’s real-life statements.

Various Aspects

  • The most important thing is to convey appreciation to the Almighty for His rules and regulations.
  • The emphasis is on acknowledging the Lord as the supreme supplier.
  • With this meditation, an individual develops gratitude, modesty, and awareness.
  • In addition, there is a religious component to consuming food, and the prayer links this everyday routine with a person’s belief.
  • The acknowledgment of one’s own identity and belief as a Muslim strengthens someone’s trust in God.

How Many Times to Recite?

Muslims are urged to recite the dua following a meal or to include it as part of their daily lives regularly. There is no set number of times to do so. Honesty, awareness, and conveying true appreciation are the main points of emphasis.


Yes, we can read this dua after every meal.

Muslims read this dua to thank Allah and to bring in barakah (Barkat) in their meals.

Holy prophet PBUH used to say the following dua, “Praise be to Allah Who has satisfied our needs and quenched our thirst. Your favor cannot be compensated or denied.”


In conclusion, the Islamic custom of making a prayer to Allah after consuming food is based on showing thankfulness and admitting Allah’s position as the greatest provider. Right after the Prophet Muhammad’s lead, it promotes humbleness, self-awareness, and a strong bond with one’s religious beliefs. The focus is on worshiping Allah with sincerity and expressing gratitude to Him.

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