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As a portion of the Tashahud, Attahiyat Dua is recited while sitting in the last parts of the prayer (Salah). The declaration of the Creator’s unity, requests for harmony, and blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) are included.

Attahiyat Dua (Tashahud) with Urdu Translation

Attahiyat Dua (Tashahud) with urdu translation

Attahiyat Dua (Tashahud) with English Translation

Attahiyat Dua (Tashahud) with english translation

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Reasons to Read Attahiyat

  • Show Love and Honor for the Messenger of Allah: Muslims use Attahiyat as a way to show their devotion and admiration to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
  • Ask for Mercies and Kindness: The recitation asks for the Prophet to receive good fortune and compassion from Allah.
  • Restore Tawhid: Attahiyat restates the central Islamic doctrine that the Lord is one (Refer to Surah Ikhlas)
  • Divine Concentration: Reading Attahiyat helps cultivate religious priority and meditation.
  • Social Link: By reciting identical offerings throughout Salah, Muslims all over the world can feel more united.

How to recite Attahiyat in Prayer/Salah

  1. Position: During the last Tashahud of the prayer, recite Attahiyat while sitting.
  2. Raise your Pointer Finger: You can confirm Allah’s unity by raising the middle finger of your hand.
  3. Start with Salutations: Give a few salutations in Arabic.
  4. Delivering Harmony and Thanks: Don’t forget to include the passage that offers the Prophet, tranquility, and goodness.
  5. A Statement of Belief: Summarize your beliefs by reaffirming Muhammad’s prophetic status and the unity of Allah.
  6. Dua (Optional): Feel free to offer your prayers.
  7. Finishing the Tashahud: Turn to face the right and recite “Assalamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullah.”


To sum up, the Tashahud recited during the last sitting in prayer (Salah) includes a substantial portion of Attahiyat Dua. It is an appeal for peace and blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), a sincere expression of love and respect for him, and a declaration of Allah’s unity.

Muslims gain spiritual benefits from reciting Attahiyat by concentrating on fundamental Islamic principles, asking for blessings, and strengthening bonds among Muslims worldwide in addition to fulfilling the Tashahud, For those seeking additional blessings and a deeper connection with Allah, consider incorporating Prayer for Tahajjud, especially during the blessed nights.. Reciting Attahiyat deepens and broadens the experience of prayer, fostering a closer relationship with the Almighty and the messages of the Prophet.

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