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Manzil (منزل ) is referred to as a collection of 33 selective verses from different chapters of the Holy Quran. The benefits of reciting the Manzil Dua (منزل دعا) are numerous, and the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) recommended reciting it often in homes.

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These beautiful verses of the Holy Quran are also known as “ Manzil”. I have shared the Dua for your convenience to read after downloading. The complete details of the verses, which are combined to form Manzil, are as follows:

Here’s the table including the chapter numbers:

Chapter NumberSurah (Chapter)Verses
Chapter 1Al-Fatihah1 to 7
Chapter 2Al-Bakarah1 to 5, 163, 255 to 257, 284 to 286
Chapter 3Al-Imran18, 26, 27
Chapter 7Al-A’araf54 to 56
Chapter 17Al-Isra110, 111
Chapter 23Al-Muminoon115 to 118
Chapter 37Al-Saffat1 to 11
Chapter 55Al-Rahman33 to 40
Chapter 59Al-Hashr21 to 24
Chapter 72Al-Jinn1 to 4
Chapter 109Al-Kafirun1 to 6
Chapter 112Al-Ikhlas1 to 4
Chapter 113Al-Falaq1 to 5
Chapter 114Al-Naas1 to 6
Manzil Dua Verses


All verses of the Holy Quran work as a miracle for every problem of our lives. But some verses are specifically recommended by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to nullify the effects of black magic. These verses are collected together (Dua Manzil) to read once to maximize their impact on the patient. 

The effectiveness of surah-e-Manzil for curing ailments and preventing the effects of black magic is evident from many hadiths. Millions of people are reciting these beautiful collections of verses and getting benefits from them.

An appealing hadith narrates. 

A’isha (RA) reported that when any of the members of the household fell ill, Allah’s Messenger (SAW) used to blow over him by reciting Mu’awwidhatan (the last two Surahs of the Quran 113 and 114), and when he suffered from illness of which he died I used to blow over him and rubbed his body with his hand for his hand had greater healing power than my hand.”


The recitation of the Manzil is also suggested to remove the evil eye’s effects, get rid of financial problems, and find a suitable match for your marriage. So, we should recite this beautiful collection of Quranic verses to make our lives easy and comfortable.


Surah Manzil pdf comprises of verses from Surah Al-Fatihah, surah Al-Bakarah, surah Al-Imran, surah Al-A’araf, surah Al-Israa, surah Al-Muminoon, surah Al-Saaffaat surah Al-Rehman, surah Al-Hashr, surah Al-Jinn, surah Al-Kaafiroon, surah Al-Ikhlas surah Al-Falaq, and surah Al-Naas.

“Manzil” refers to one part of the seven equal parts of the Holy Quran to complete the recitation of the whole Holy Quran within a week.

The Manzil Dua is a collection of 33 verses of the Holy Quran from its different chapters.

Final Thoughts

Manzil is the collection of verses of the Holy Quran from its different chapters. It is known for its outstanding results in preventing the evil effects of Satan, the impact of black magic, and the cure of ailments. The importance of the Manzil is evident from many hadiths, so we should recite it quite often.

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