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The blessed prayer known as Durood Lakhi is recited to ask for goodness upon the Prophet Muhammad.

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  • Assistance: Said to serve as a channel for plea on judgment day.
  • Defense: According to some, it offers defense against disasters.
  • Increase in Mercies: Linked to a rise in blessings across various spheres of life.
  • Pardon of Sins: Intended to result in pardon of sins.

Method of Recitation

  • Objective: Start by sincerely intending to ask for blessings.
  • Ablution: Cleanse yourself before reciting.
  • Peaceful Place: Pick a spotless, quiet area if you need to concentrate.
  • Honesty: Deliver the recitation with genuine devotion.
  • Request: End with a request from yourself.

Time of Recitataion

  • Adaptable: It can be said at any moment.
  • Beneficial Times: Some customs advise following daily prayers, particularly on Fridays, or on the evenings of Ramadan.
  •  Recommendation: In some places, it is recommended to read 313 times for difficulty but if you have any questions about particular customs or advice regarding the reading of Durood-e-Taj in your societal or religious context, consult with proficient religious experts or leaders.


It is recommended to read this Darood 313 times in times of difficulty or for any cause.

Darood e Lakhi is very important because it has powerful words that pull the blessings from Almighty towards the mankind.


The term “Darood Lakhi” describes the Islamic custom of asking for the Prophet Muhammad’s good fortune. It is a way to greet and make a request that shows gratitude and affection for the Prophet.

The phrase is frequently used about the recitation of particular prayers or requests, referred to as “Durood Lakhi,” to ask for pardon of sins, safety from misfortune, religious rewards, and please on the Day of Judgment as depicted in Surah Qayamah.

The recitation technique incorporates regret of sins, sincerity, and possibly even private prayers. For advice on particular customs related to Darood in their ethnic or religious context, believers can speak with religious experts. Similarly, Darood e Tanjeena and Darood e Muqaddas can be recited to send blessings on Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

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